Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yes, I am a Copy Cat~

Okay, I admit it!  If I see something I like, I'm going to try my best to recreate it!  I saw this project from Lost Bird Studio on The Graphics Fairy for Brag Monday and wanted one of my own!

Not only did I make this one, I made a smaller version~

To hold a vase with some Trader Joe's Daffodil's!

I'm not sure how the original version was made, here's how I did mine:  I made a pattern on paper in the shape of the ~bag~ and cut out two for the front and back in white burlap. 

I then cut one long strip for the side of the ~bag~ and was going to pull out the sewing machine and realized I should just hot glue it together.  All the "seams" are hot glued together.  I liked the fringed look.

I printed out the image from The Graphics Fairy on inkjet cotton fabric sheets.  Now comes the fun part...I Mod Podged the image onto the burlap and then I coated the entire bag with Mod Podged...starting first with the outside and then put some plastic bags bunched up to give it the shape I liked, let it dry overnight and then coated the inside of ~bag~. 

These ~bags~ are solid, they're not falling over!  I added ~faux~ bread {did you really think I bake bread}...hahaha...I got those from Hobby Lobby, they fool everyone!

The backsides of the ~bags~

Side view~

Feel free to be a ~Copy Cat~, I don't mind!


  1. Marcy..I love these! Your unique ideas for the continued-expression of this particular design simply shows us all just how "creativity" can be taken to the next level. Girl..I have several gardening pots I'll now be using your techniques on.

    Blessings, joy and sunshine, Terri

  2. Adorable Marcy, and I love being a copy cat too, I just throw in an added twist! Happy Mothers day weekend.