Friday, March 19, 2010

A rescued project!

Last week while walking the ~furry kids~ I pasted this...twice ~ my neighbor had this out with the trash.  I wanted to rescue it, but was too timid to be *garbage stealing* from my next door neighbor!

It wasn't picked up with the other trash (no sticker - my guess). When darkness fell, I decided to venture over.  I was still a chicken!  Then I spotted my other neighbor walking her ~furry kid~ and asked her to be my accomplice in this garbage stealing escapade!  She agreed {thanks again M} and we rescued it!  I've been busy painting these white for the last three days.

What did I want it for? 
I'm not putting a baby in it...I plan to use it for a Baby Shower for my grandchild!!!

I thought the stand for the cradle would be great to hang a banner!

~and the cradle - to put gifts in!

 *demo* of what I plan to do for the Baby Shower. 

Soon we'll know if our expected bundle of joy is Pink or Blue, 
and that's how I'll decorate this for the shower.

I'm loving this rescued cradle ~ I can't wait to start filling it up with Pink or Blue gifts!

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  1. How lucky was that? Just what you needed to create darling baby shower decorations! Just adorable!!

    Susan and Bentley