Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Holy Frijoles ~ a beauty tip using these!

The last time I was getting my hair done, they parked me to sit with wet hair, a towel and no magazines in sight ~ by their makeup artist.  So I sat there looking at her makeup table and spotted a great beauty tip she was using!

You need a bag of these ~~~ dry black beans!

I know what your thinking ~ what on earth could these be used for???

You put them in a glass container (mine is a candle holder from Dollar Tree).

Isn't this the greatest way to hold all your makeup brushes!  I love how this looks!

The makeup artist had three containers of brushes and beans, I don't have that many brushes!

This is a lot easier to use when you're putting your best face on!

This ~frijoles beauty tip~ was better than any I could have gotten out of a magazine that day at the salon!