Thursday, March 4, 2010

Repurpose this...

Did you ever fall victim to purchasing one of these little stools?  I did, about 10 years ago.  This has been sitting in a corner of my closet for about 9.5 years now.  Why on earth did I think I needed a little stool like this?

The metal base weighs about 20 pounds.  The fabric isn't even on straight.  Whatever possessed me to purchase this - I'll never know.  I thought about setting it out on trash day for the little old man who drives around looking for scrap metal...then I thought, I'll give it one try at repurposing it, before I let Metal Man take it away.

It was warm(ish) out so I spray painted the base, and then printed out a *Crown* on an iron on inkjet sheet and ironed it on burlap {i know what your saying ~ doesn't she use anything but burlap} I wanted it to look shabby!  Stapled the burlap to the top and reassembled.

It's looks better than before, but what I will use it for, I haven't a clue....or...maybe ~

When I get home from the theatre or the opera, I can set my shoes, purse and Tiara on it...Yeah, right!  I'll keep it around for awhile and then maybe Metal Man can have it! 


  1. I LOVE this!I'm for anything with a crown on it and this is the *cutest* transformation I've seen in awhile. Keep up the good work (tutorials would be great!) Thanks for visiting my blog today and thanks for sharing!

  2. SO cute! Please do not give it to the Metal Man! Why not do a give away on your blog when you tire of it?