Thursday, March 18, 2010

They made me do this!

Pottery Barn is probably going to take me off their mailing list.  I love this vintage pedestal they have in this tablescape.  I saw this and the wheels in my brain started cranking!

I love this piece, however I have a round table or I would have bought it (no, not really) cost too much!  Michaels sells little unfinished wood ~stools~ that can pass as  a ~pedestal~.   $14.99 - 40% coupon = $8.99!  So that's all I needed to get me started on this recreation project!

This is the pedestal, unfinished.  I sanded the top and then washed it real good to remove any dust from sanding.

Then, I wanted to stain it so I used food coloring to make a brown stain for the top.  This is the only section that is going to touch any food.

Here's the top after a few coats of staining this with the food coloring.

Then I used Butcher Block Oil {food safe} on the top.  I found this at Kitchen Collections.  This is pine wood so it soaked up about four coatings of this.  I poured it on the top and then rubbed it in with a pastry brush.

Since my table is black, I painted the legs with a craft gloss paint to mimic my table.  I put little felt rounds on the bottom to protect my table from any scratches.   Here's my new PB knock off!

{real} bread on it!

My pedestal looks great for a night of entertaining ~
everyone always seems to stand around the table!

Ready for a few friends

I'm going to use this next for a fondue night!  Thank you again PB for giving me inspiration, and please don't take me off your mailing list!

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  1. Very, very clever, you had a great eye and creative mind to come up with this~

  2. Sweet! I like your's better than the PB one! Coming over from the Shabby Chic Cottage, new follower!

  3. Oh yes, yours is much better than theirs!! Rhonda