Friday, June 22, 2012

Some bracelet organizing

the after of my organizing marathon ~

all my bracelets were in a drawer...
I would go through it, pulling them all out to find the right one to wear.

I'm excellent at being unorganized...

not anymore!

of course it didn't start looking like this,

it started out as a black, velvet bracelet
 holder from Michael's.

Nice, but not for me.

So, I painted it...and then
Mod Podged burlap

It was looking a little too much like a bird perch...

so I added some embellishing

and got to work organizing them...

I never realized how many bracelets
I had until now!

My bracelets are very handy now!

Have a great weekend!
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Picnic crate

Summer time... it's the time of year our weekends
are all booked up~
enjoying time with *family*friends & fun*
 I made this picnic crate
to haul *things* for our summer gatherings

It's staged here for the picture...

 it's been filled with chips,
paper plates, napkins, ketchup, mustard,
a table cloth, forks, knifes and everything else that will fit in it for a
weekend gathering~

The crate started out like this,
{from Joann's}
they had unfinished and white one's ~
  I went with
the white one

The paper napkins are from Tuesday Morning
I used the top layer of the napkin...
{there's 3 layers to a paper napkin}

 and Mod Podge'd it on the crate...

for a one-of-a-kind picnic crate!


 I'm loving this crate,

I can jam pack so much in here ~
and head off to a weekend gathering!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A little Pink lie

this is my *Pink*'s my (old) new pink bike...

I've been dropping hints to Mr. H.H.,  that I really want a pink bike...


he reminds me that I already have a bike...
...a bike that I haven't ridden in 11 years...
...a bike that has been hanging from the garage ceiling for 11 years....
 ...dusty and grimy....
So when Mr. H.H. left for work today~
 he said, get the bike out of the garage, and you can get a new bike...

This is what the blue, ugly bike looked like this a.m.
as Mr. H.H. was leaving, I said...I'll just clean it up
and start using it...{the untruth part...a.k.a...the pink lie}

My motive was to spray paint it Pink...

and now I have a pink bike!

Only, it's a yard art~
It won't budge, the chain and gears are
sprayed tight - just what I wanted!

And truthfully, it's out of the garage!

I never cared for this bike,

it was uncomfortable to ride...

and I hated the color...that's why it hung upside down for 11 years

but now,
 I really, really like it ~ just where it is ~ outside!
The basket is a thrift store find I attached to the bike handles
with zip ties, before painting it.

~ accessories for the new basket~

as Mr. H.H. was leaving for work,
and I was cleaning the crud off the bike,
he said..."I think you need new tires"...
and I said..."oh, I'll make due with these"...
I sure hope he doesn't surprise me with new tires...
unless they're attached to this beauty!
This is my kind of a Pink lie!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fairy gardening

Way, way back
I started my Fairy Garden

The old tenant moved out,
and a new Fairy moved in...
she's done a lot of remodeling!

Some new furniture and some paint to freshen things up in the garden!


She's been very busy this year...

Rearranging and redecorating
has been fun for her and for me!

Here's some pictures from a local garden store...
this is all we needed to inspire us for the updating project!

They have some amazing Fairy Gardens...along
with every accessory you could imagine!

this one is only 149.95...???

I did ask if they were hiring...
however, I only want to work in the
Fairy Garden section...unfortunately, they're not hiring!

I wanted one of each of these~

this garden is for sale...499.95 ~ yikes!

every little detail is amazing,
and so beautiful!

I stood here, in front of this bench for about
twenty minutes, admiring all the Fairy bling

love these little kissing benches~

for now, my little Fairy garden is
jam packed...however, a new garden might
appear soon!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting ready for Easter

Our plans for Easter ~ is going to my cousins house,
along with about 50+ of my closest relatives.

We all bring a dish to pass,
(I always forget to bring my dish home)

so I went to Dollar Tree and picked up this
cute Easter egg platter...with no intentions of
bringing it home with me after...

 Browsing through Pinterest lately, I've seen
egg shaped plaque's painted and the family name added...

and this platter called for some personalizing!

I used my Cricut Expression and cut
out the letters on vinyl
~ personalizing it for
my cousin who's hosting Easter!

Here's what's going on top of this platter!

I haven't done much Easter decorating
I made this adorable wreath
when I saw this tutorial

I loved the cute bunnies Kristen used ~
I had to copy and use the same!

All supplies are from Hobby Lobby!

It's been very easy getting ready
for Easter!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Fever

I'm joining in on DebbieDoos Copycat Challenge party today!

I've had this magazine since April 2001...

I don't normally keep magazines this long
but I...L.O.V.E.D. this cover from
Victoria Magazine - Spring Fever!

Here's my version of this beautiful cover~

I used a cupcake holder from Home Goods and
filled the holders with reindeer moss, chocolate eggs,
some faux eggs and the ones holding the flowers ~
are white egg shells.

The bunny...I made!
I searched everywhere
for a white chocolate bunny...with no luck.


I have this old bunny mold that I
got at the flea market about 15 years ago,

I bought it to use as an Easter decoration
and never made chocolate bunnies...
until now!

Now, if I can only
keep it looking like this till Easter...

there are family members here
who want to bite the bunny's ears off!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Memory bank

Seems like i have a reoccurring project theme
going on here...yes, it's another thrift store chair...

 here's the ~after~

 I passed by this chair, all alone in the thrift store

I realized why -

 it had the dreaded gash in the cane
I've overlooked many of these orphans in the thrift stores

however, I remembered reading a post from
Miss Mustard Seed on what to do with a cane issue like this,

 so I backed up and purchased this lonely chair for...$4.00!

 the gash is hard to see in the picture but it's there...

Painted Pure White ASCP on the chair and
used my left over drop cloth fabric for the seat, front and back
{trim is from Hancock Fabric}
I followed MMS's tutorial

I did a minimal amount of sanding and then wax (clear)

This is now in the guest bedroom, where my favorite guest sleeps,
my granddaughter!
Where we have some Goodnight Moon reading time together!

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I like the pink the umbrella

That's what the cute, little Girl Scout said yesterday when she delivered
my bounty of GS cookies!

I've had this picture forever
in my idea folder: Things to Make

It's from Midwest Living ~
here's their link

I found the green Totes umbrella at Target

The pink tulips & ribbon are from Michaels.

My first attempt, I stuffed the 3 front sleeves of the umbrella with
tissue paper - however, it looked like a puffy down jacket.

So then I made 3 cones out of brown paper and
slid them in and it worked out great!

I got these two green "orbs" from Hobby Lobby,
they're with Spring Garden items.

They fit perfectly on top of the cones

Added the tulips, hot glued the nest and eggs - it was easy!

I'm so thrilled with this, and I like the pink flowers too!

We all can use a little Spring these days!

 Now, I really want to paint our front door yellow!

 Happy Leap Day!

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