Saturday, February 27, 2010

Easter decor ~ thanks Pottery Barn

When I was lurking shopping at Pottery Barn recently, I spotted these Vintage Paper Eggs.

I thought they were the most adorable little eggs ~ then looking at the price tag $19.00 for six paper eggs...eeekkk!  I set them back down on the table.  Then the wheels in my crafty little brain started turning!

I returned home to Craft Central and went to The Graphics Fairy!  I used four of her Easter vintage images and made eight of my own little hanging eggs! 

I printed three images for each egg on cardstock.  Used an oval template and cut them out.  Folded them in half, glued them together, added some glass beads (instead of glitter) and then added the gold cord and bead on top!  ~Easy~

The Willow Tree is - branches from Michaels, they were $1.29/ea. and I used three for the tree.

Everything I needed to make this paper egg project was in my craft closet, so this didn't cost me anything!  For $19.00 I could probably make about 200 of these ~ but eight is enough!!!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Silver Tweets

I picked up these *Tweets* at Dollar Tree -  they say Spring...birds, green grass, flowers...not what we currently have - snow, snow and snow.

It looks like they're planning their escape to a warmer climate!  Let's all head South!

I wanted them to be similar and not white.  I got a can of Krylon Metallic Brilliant Silver spray paint.  Spray painting in the cold is not easy to do - even in a garage.   The paint doesn't want to dry. 

It was about 33 degree's here on Monday {a heat wave} and I sprayed these all in a cardboard box and brought them in to dry.  It does say on the can "Indoor" however, I would never spray paint in the house. 

 Now they all match! 

 Really a candle holder - but I like her being an egg holder!

Silver Tweets ~ an ode to Spring! 

My calendar says the first day of Spring is March 20th - I can't wait!  I'll be doing a lot more spray painting when warm weather finally arrives!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Flameless ~Love~

I love the idea of a flameless candle, however I'm sure you'll agree with me they're not that attractive.  I like using them on bookshelves or in cabinets to add some *glow*.  

I made mine more attractive!  Using white burlap and Mod Podge...very simple!

 I had some old skelton keys that I tied on them with twine.

I would never have lit candles on this shelf, but I can have these going forever and they look great!

With all the different colors of burlap, you could really have a great variety of flameless candles.   I'm going to make more of these and stamping on them ~ Paris ~ Crowns ~ Eiffel Towers! *Enjoy*

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A 'Latte' Fun at Pottery Barn

I've been stalking visiting Pottery Barn a few times this week and found that they had these cups reduced {on sale}.

Love these Latte cups, but not for drinking out of!  For something that says Spring!

I bought two of these cups, with the intension of putting some Paperwhite bulbs in them to bloom inside the house...I went to a local nursery store and asked if they had any bulbs.  The woman working there looked at me like I was crazy...she said "no we don' should have bought them in September"  me ~ "back in September I didn't know I would want them in February...I'll just hop in my time machine and go back to September"...crabby-nursery lady walked away!

So, I did the next best thing I could do, I put some faux Lily-of-the-Valley in them.

I couldn't find any faux Papperwhites, I think I like these better!  If only they smelled like the real ones...soon these will be popping up! *Lily-of-the-Latte*

Note to Self in September 2010:  buy some Papperwhite bulbs and not from that nursery with the crabby lady! 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Baking ~Faux~ Cakes

I've been busy ~ baking!  Faux cake baking that is!

I'm getting ready for a *Ladies Only* event coming up soon ~ so I'm making these for each of the ladies! 

My recipe calls for lots of hot glue sticks and tons of flower petals! 

I've made five so far ~ and need to make about 20 more.  The *Ladies Only* event isn't till May ~ so I should be done with all of them by then!

I've given myself a new nickname for now ~ I'm the Faux Cake Boss!  *wink*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cocktails with Sandra ~ Love is in the air...

This weeks Cocktails with Sandra we're celebrating Valentine's Day! 

Week 4: Ingredients for the Passionate Dream

I love this drink, how can you not love something called a Passionate Dream!  Sounds like a Romance novel! 
This spells L.O.V.E.

 Hershey *Hugs*

The recipe called for "6 packets of sugar substitute" - I don't care for those, so I added real sugar!!!  Sugar crystals and a heart shaped sucker!

This cocktail must be paired with chocolate dipped strawberries!

A Passionate Dream, chocolate covered strawberries and the one you love!  That's all you need to celebrate Valentine's Day!  *XOXO*

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clock Time!

At Christmas time I saw this clock at JCPenney for $99.99 and thought I should wait, it will go down in price.  It did, to $79.99 and I searched and found a $10.00 online coupon!  I saved money buying it!

I brought this baby home!

I had two other clocks here and this one is the final one!  I'm loving it!  My husband commented that the room looked different, but he couldn't figure out's our secret! *wink*

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day Flea Market Window

We've all seen these and purchased these at the Flea Market's.  How can you resist these with the chipping paint and all the character it has?

I picked this window up last year and I use it as a large picture frame. 

Hubby was *tidying* his home office and gifted me with a box of transparency film that he was going to toss out.  He asked if I could use them for anything...ding-ding-ding...of course I can! 

I've been printing out pictures on the transparency film and putting them in this window frame!

I printed these images from here and here.  I taped wrapping paper on the back.  It's hard to see, it's brown paper with a lace print (from Dollar Tree!).  Usually, I don't put paper on the back, this gives these images more dimension.

I taped each of the transparencies to the corners of the front side of the glass with double-sided clear tape.

I have printed Black & White photo's for this and it looks great.  Soon, I'll print out some Easter images!  If you have a box of transparency film hanging around - try using them!  They still sell them in the office supply stores too.  I know, because I had to buy another box of them already!  *Enjoy*

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