Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving - Attitude of gratitude!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! *gobble gobble*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time to Spoon!

I've been searching for a spoon!

I have zero wall space in my kitchen, my only option to display art is on a easel. I saw a "picture" I ~loved~ at ZGallerie - however, I didn't love the price...$149.99. Hmmm, I can find it - for less!

True story now...I thought I saw the "picture" at the HomeGoods store by where I work. I needed to do a Target lunch hour run (you know, give them a minimum of $50 for needs + those you don't).

I had this decision when starting my mission ~ go to Target or HomeGoods first? I picked Target first. Next stop, HomeGoods, walk in and I see a shopping cart filled with 'things' and the "picture"... there's nobody hanging on to this cart...just a woman several feet away...browsing...and the "picture" it's marked clearance at $36.00...I'm thinking, this is a cart they're using to restock shelves, I'll just save them some time in restocking and take the "picture". Oh no, it was the "browsy" woman's cart. I asked "are you sure you want this?" Of course, she said yes, I even told her how I've been searching for it for so long ...she showed no sympathy for me. Denied! If I had only gone to HomeGoods first. Lesson learned!

I started my next mission (yes, I did go to every HomeGoods in a 20 mile radius looking for the "picture" luck). So, I went to this site and found it ($29.99). The UPS man delivered the spoon art poster a few days later - I took it to Hobby Lobby, got a frame on sale ($17.99) - they framed it for $2.00 (can you believe that's all they charged). This mission is now complete!
I now have my "picture"! Spoon love! I didn't get the clearance price, but I got it for the less than the ZGallerie price...I saved money!

So many more mission's - off to fulfill more quests! *wink*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let them eat cake!!!

I'm a cake fanatic - that is, I love to bake cakes! I just spotted with my little eye, at Willams-Sonoma this Snowy Village Cakelet Pan!

I'm going to be heading to my local Williams-Sonoma store tonight to pick it up! Luckily for me, the Mall where W-S is, is about 5 minutes away!

I also have this pan from Williams-Sonoma ~ the Sandwich Cookie Cake Pan and I love it!

For the Sandwich Cookie Cake - I use a {box} brownie mix and it comes out really good. In the middle, I do ice cream for the filling (then freeze and thaw when serving) - or you could do frosting in the middle! I like this idea in the picture for the holiday season coming up, to use crushed peppermints/candy canes! I'll have to try it next!

The best advise I can give you when using these pans, is to use Wilton Cake Release. Your cakes will come out of the pan perfectly! You can pick this up at at Michaels (use your 40% coupon!). *Enjoy*

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's Fall - Ya~All!

We seem to forget about about Fall! If only the color's of the tree's would last a little bit longer. I took a few pictures of the tree's around our house right before Halloween - I'm glad I did, the very next day we had rain and all the leaves were down. Rake time.

This is all I did this year on my front steps (we were busy every weekend in October), I usually go *way-way* out decorating for Halloween and for Fall. The Boston Ferns that I planted this summer are still doing good and I got some fake mums to add some color ~ the pumpkin is real!

If we only had several months of these colors! Now we have bare trees and soon hoo! How many days till Spring? *wink*