Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nothing new, just a different way

We all have fallen for images from The Graphics Fairy
adhered to a white painted pot...haven't we!

I hear you nodding yes!

Well I made some too, just a different way~

These two that I did are from Hobby Lobby, they were Terra cotta pots;
 painted them white and then used a another way to affix the images!

I used Omni-Gel instead of the Mod Podge versions.

I have to admit, I tried this a long time ago with no success transferring an image,
 then I re-read the instructions...and saw "laser copies"
thats where I went wrong...
trying to use the home injet copies.

It's easy and no need to reverse the images either.  Just brush on
your laser copy image (read the instructions) and when it's dry,
soak in water and rub the paper off.

It comes out like a plastic sheet, trim it and you
can use Omni-Gel to adhere the image to your
object.  You can find this in all the craft stores! 

Just a different way!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

They know what we want!

Yes, Target sure does know that
we love grain sack images..even if it's a dish towel!

I picked these up at my local Target this weekend...$3.99/each!

These will not be used for dishes...I think I see some pillows or seat cushions here!

Run to your nearest store...before they're all gone!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Garden Gate

We took the plunge this summer and fenced our yard,
this has been on my wish list for about seven years now.
Having two dogs, it's been wonderful letting them out now!

Of course, I needed to accessorize the gate
with some gate bling...{insert eye roll here from hubby}

The gate needed a heart shaped wreath, and one that could withstand the elements
and the wildlife!

I was all set to make a burlap wreath...then I happened to capture this little one...
I couldn't figure out why the banner was falling apart...
somewhere, there's a burlap birds nest or two.

Plan B, I got this punch and a roll of aluminum from Hobby Lobby

Punched out a swarm of fluttering butterflies ~
 it was fun doing punch outs on aluminum,
folding the wings up and they hold their shape. 
Glued them on a heart shaped wreath and sprayed it white. 

A nice welcoming addition, to a boring gate {insert another hubby eye roll!}

Butterfly bling, and the birds can't make off with them!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'll call her Betty Lou

I've been searching for a dress form...

One I could dress up and name her!

I couldn't find one at a reasonable price, so I did something else!

 I got some floral netting... 

and I made one!

A lot of bending and shaping to give her the right curves!

My family thought I was making a rabbit pinata!

I layered her in strips of newspaper covered in
a flour and water mixture, and let her dry.

For her neck, I used these wood pieces that I glued together and
painted black...

then Mod Podged her with old sheet music.

Betty Lou, all dressed up for photos outside -
she's an inside girl really!