Monday, October 25, 2010

Lavender bliss

I recently bought some Lavender bliss...
sixteen ounces of Lavender bliss to be exact!

to make sachets...
 i used a Holy Card image from The Graphics Fairy

printed them out on fabric
in black & white

sewed and filled with lavender
 and added  little

Fleur-de-lis charms


this Madonna and Child
Holy Card image

I'm going to put these on Xmas gifts
for family & friends

yes, this lavender smells as beautiful as it looks ~ bliss!

i have a lot more sachets to make...
a few for me too!

The Graphics Fairy for Brag Monday

Sunday, October 24, 2010

When Chloe sleeps...

Before my little granddaughter Chloe arrived,
i visited this amazing blog
i loved how Adele captured her sweet baby girl's dream time!

when Chloe arrived, i was inspired to take a few pictures of her dream time!

i posted these on FB for all of Chloe's family
to enjoy...i promise, no more here after today!

~ Laundry on a  bright and Sunny day ~

~ The Fairy Princess of Flower Land ~

~ Flying lessons ~

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thinking outside the white box

Seems like lately all I've done is paint things white...till

I found these two ugly lovely pictures at my favorite thrift store for .99/each

i loved the ornate frames
so when it came time to re-purpose these...

i reached for the white spray can...
and then
decided to think outside the white box...
and go with Cherry Red!

White is my go-to-color
however, I thought these would look
great at Thanksgiving, Christmas and even 4th of July
if they were red.

I painted over the original beautiful floral picture
with chalkboard paint...

and used my Cricut to cut out the Give Thanks...
 because my handwriting is atrocious

they are chalk ready for someone else to write on!

I'm a little bit done with all the Halloween decorations

 I'm ready for Thanksgiving to be here

and Christmas will be here before we know it!

I am thinking of a white Christmas tree this year...
that's out-of-box thinking...right!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

White music

This is one to cross off my treasure hunt list ~  

i keep a list of treasures i hope to find...

and on my list is/was ~  a little violin

 i found this little violin at the flea market a couple of weeks ago

the dealer asked if i was going to refinish it...
"oh yes, with white spray paint"

is there any other way to refinish something???

i don't think that was the answer
he wanted to hear! 

 I'm loving
my new found treasure!

do you keep of list of treasures to find?

I'm putting a winning lotto ticket
on my treasure hunt list
...i need to find one of those!

~ ~ ~
I'm joining the White Wednesday party today!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sew I can...

I can't speak a foreign language...

I can't sing a note (i do try)...

I can't dance either (i've been compared to Elaine from Seinfeld)...

what i can do is,

 i can sew

people are amazed with my hidden talent

i usually get "youuuuuu can sew???"....

i think they feel this way because of that singing thingy

by no means would i consider myself a professional sewer

my specialty has always been making Halloween costumes...

no costumes this year...

Sew, this is what i did...

my new little granddaughter Chloe
is being Christened this weekend

 and i made her dress!

i was browsing this site and fell in love with
their Christening gowns...

i knew i could make an heirloom gown just for Chloe

i spent this past week doing what i do best ~ sewing!

modeling right after i finished
i was so fearful she wouldn't fit into it...
but it fit her perfectly!

all i have left to do is her
headband and bib...

 the church gave the parents
a bib that will be put on the babies after they
are baptized...

this is the bib they gave out...
i don't think so...
i didn't spend the past week making a dress
to put a piece of cotton cut out with pinking shears
over that dress!

i can't dance and i can't sing...but i can sew!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Easy

This year

I'm going easy on Halloween...
yes, i'm a softy....

Not my usual Halloween creep-fest of

 tombstones, scary creatures sitting in chairs,
skeleton's everywhere...

no faux blood dripping ...

or creepy music playing...all the fun stuff! 

it's Halloween Fat Free (a.k.a. scary free)

 nice and easy for Halloween 2010

just a simple, fall harvest display here ~

some fake mums and some real mums

i made orange & black banners for the banisters...

no cobwebs or giant spiders this year

just keeping it simple ~  pumpkins and gourds

a little red wagon I scored last weekend at the flea market...

oh, how I wanted to put a skeleton in it...

however, I resisted and did a bale of straw (hay)...
a nice fall vignette...

Okay, I did do two little scary things...

i added two little ~green~  glittered rats...

I had to have something scary!

I had to!

i 'm liking a simple Halloween this year

~or should I say~ Harvest Display

in past years...

 we had a creepy, scary house on Halloween

little trick-or-treat or's didn't want to walk up to our door...

they'd scream and run....

it was the five and under crowd ~

 not the older kids!

it's less scary here this year!

going easy on the little tricksters this year ~

I did see some houses in the neighborhood

who have their

graveyards, cobwebs and creepy stuff up...

i'm so jealous....

Next year ~ beware

I'll be back!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Thrift store finds...

I've made numerous trips to my local Goodwill -
donating, not shopping. 
 I like donating there...
you drive up and they unload everything!

 I won't shop there - because I don't want to see my stuff!

I do have a secret little thrift shop thatI like shopping at,
so I won't donate to them ~ but I do make purchases!

Just a few things I recently acquired~

I found a 'chippy' shutter,
 black dress form,
a white Rosary
and this round black marble piece that is laser etched with the
 Blessed Virgin Mary

I was very intrigued by this, and not sure why someone would donate this or what it's purpose was.
The manager at the store said it came from
a headstone maker and this was a sample of what he etches on the headstones...
I had to have it then!

I found the Rosary too, I've never seen Rosaries in a thrift store,
these items seemed to be some sort of a sign from above!

The metal crown was rust colored and of course - i sprayed it white!

They all seemed to fit together like they were meant to be!

Tomorrow is the Kane County Flea Market and I can't wait!
I hope to find some new treasures ~  things that are meant to be!

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