Thursday, November 18, 2010

May the force be with you

Okay, i'm a little corny here ~

i'm forcing bulbs...Paperwhites to be exact!

I always forget to get bulbs for forcing inside,
so I marked on my calendar for bulbs

if you try going in December or later
they're gone for the season

i stocked up too!
i plan to stagger them in stages
so i'll have them blooming for several weeks
this winter

plant them in a container with some little rocks and water them!

 i'm trying this tip on how to keep
them from getting to tall and top heavy...a little vodka!
Drunken Paperwhites!

these bulbs were .60/each
a lot less costly, than one of those kits
that come with one bulb, rocks, and a ugly container

Paperwhites...a beautiful, sweet smelling
Spring reminder
in Winter!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wish ticket

I've starting doing some Xmas crafting

i'm giving myself a little challenge this year

i'm going to do a tree with things
that i already have,
or that i make,
or i buy at the dollar store,
or i buy at Michael's

{i keep bending my rules...
originally i wasn't going to buy anything...
that's okay it's my little contest i'm participating in!}

 i'll give you a little ~sneak peak~ of what i have so far

i'm using one of The Graphics Fairy's images
for the ticket - and i used the Fontanesi font from dafont
to add WISH to the ticket

i got these glass ornaments at Michael's...
they're 50% off this week!
added some shredded sheet music, some glitter,
tinsel and a WISH...then added the silver key (already had!)

Next, this one was fun,
i used the Eiffel Tower from
printed it on cardstock, cut it out, glued it together
then used Mod Podge and sprinkled glitter
added a little coffee filter rosette...

I've got many, many more to make, a lot of glitter to clean up
hoping I'll be done by Xmas!

Friday, November 12, 2010

New horizons

I love taking pictures, and two years ago I got Photoshop Elements 7
(yep, the current version is Elements 9), installed it; however I couldn't figure it out...
I bought books, watched countless video's on You Tube
and I still couldn't figure it out. 


Then, I happened upon Kim Klassen at her Kim Klassen Cafe and my life has changed!

I've been taking Kim's Skinny-Mini ecourse and the world of Photoshop has just opened up for me 

Kim is so generous...this class is FREE!

Here's some of my completed homework projects...
yes, she's gives out homework assignments - but these are fun!

some textures i've been playing with...

compared to where i was a week ago -
i mean two years ago...
i've taken giant steps into the world of Photoshop!

pictures will never be the same for me now!

 my before shots

If Photoshop is something you'd like
to gain some insight on,
or learn some hot new tips & tricks 

 pay Kim a visit, she'll open up a whole new world for you!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If Dorothy skated...

 She might have worn these!

 i've been wanting to
*sparkle* up some ice skates for the holiday season...

 i found these boy's figure skates at a sporting goods resale shop

it's best to buy them before the ice skating season starts...
they mark the prices up then!

these were $9.00

after some Cherry Red spray painting
i then used red glitter on the boot,
black glitter on the bottom and silver glitter on the blade
~brushed on Mod Podged then the glitter~

tied on some new laces (holiday ribbon)

added the marabou trim and pom-poms to the laces

Ruby Red Skates
perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Map quest

Who uses a map these days?

I do...well, sort of!

I got a travel size
Road Atlas at Dollar Tree

Nope, I'm not going anywhere

however, a map wreath was my destination!

I cut out each of the maps, rolled them up and
glued them all together.

and added the Air Mail graphic

Something for those world travelers on
your list!

Today I'm joining