Wednesday, March 24, 2010

B I N G O time!

Our family is a huge ~Bingo playing family ~ when we all get together. 
With Easter approaching, I thought I needed to complete a project
I expected to do about 2 years ago. {procrastinator here}

I have this "prize chest" that I got at Hobby Lobby ~ with the intention of decorating it. 
Not sure if they still have it in stock. 
This is how we've been using it ~ boring.

I painted it black and Mod Podged it with a Bingo theme!
(tried taking pictures of it painted just black ~ having major camera problems here}

 The Bingo cards and game images are from Tim Holtz Distressables Elements CD

The Clown Face is from The Graphics Fairy ~ I like this clown face

Inside ~ with all the prizes

 filled with prizes for all

back side of the prize chest ~ the kids will love ~ PRIZES!

I don't spend much on the prizes, no more than $1.00/each - but when the winner
reaches into the "prize chest" they think they've hit the lottery because they're a

We all have such great time playing Bingo together ~
the kids have a saying when they get Bingo ~ Bingo-Bango-Bongo!!!! 
 And, there's a funky Bingo Dance too!

Soon this wheel will be spinning like crazy!
 It's fun having and making these memories of our family time together, all I can say is, BINGO!

(I got this Bingo game from Wal-Mart it was cheap like $11.00 - I'm sure they still sell them!)


  1. I love that! Where did you find the bingo wheel. My bunco group just played bingo last month instead of friend and I bought prized for 5.00 each and wrapped them and then you got to pick what you also got to was great! What a fun family memory you are creating.

  2. Hi there. Just followed you here from a comment you left on Pandora's Box. Love your box transformation. I'm always looking at how objects can be improved with a bit of imagination.

  3. Iam sure everyone will be happy about the Bingo Box makeover!! Cute! Rhonda

  4. i LOVE bingo, but never thought of playing it with my whole family. great idea!

  5. Marcella... you are not ever going back to work in an office (unless it is your very own company!). Such a talent. Hope to see you soon.