Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thrift shops and...

 treasures ~ found
This coffee/tea set was found by my sweet *mommy* ~ at a thrift store having a 50% off sale - for $25.00, it's a very good, solid set of silver - I'm loving the tarnish on it ~  and loving my mom who found it for me!

Next, I found this set - the quality is not as good as the other set, but for the three pieces ~ $3.00...as is!  How can you pass it up!

All together~

On to the next finds ~  pressed glass ~  

I'm drawn to ~pressed glass~

total for these three ~ $5.00 ~ i love green pressed glass

the ~ six goblets ~ $3.00

I'm loving these~

Even more ~ when I received a catalog from  Napa Style

They have this page ~ Vintage Pressed Goblet ~ ~ ~ $49.00/each ~ yikes!

Doesn't it look very similar to my .50/each ones ~ ~ ~ 
are they shopping the thrift stores too?

I'm loving my thrift store finds!

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  1. What wonderful finds! I adore the green glass too! Nice you and your Mom went thrifting together. I have a post about my Mom today:)

  2. Those green glasses are to die for! How come I never find anything like that when I'm thrifting? LOL