Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My $5.00 Tea Cart

Okay, I probably can't fool you ~ but I did fool my hubby!

I found this on Craigslist about two months ago ~
I emailed asking if it was available
and got no reply.

Out of blue, the seller emails me
saying they still had it and wanted to get rid of it!

I offered $25.00 less than what they were asking for it...and now the price is $55.00

Okay, you're scratching your head now and saying ~
I thought she said $5.00 for the tea cart in the title?

I had a "free" scratch off lotto ticket
the "free" one turned into a winning $50.00 one!

I used my lotto winning for this tea cart ~
and that's how I got her for $5.00!  Or, that's what hubby knows!

She needed a lot of cleaning before I could paint her -
here's how she looks now!

She's nice & white!
I might "age" her a little, for now, she's bright white!

The top tray is removable and I sprayed ~
Spray Adhesive on lace and pressed it on the underneath side of the glass.

Lace under glass ~

Here she is all ready for a tea party!

She holds my thrift store silver tea set ~

and some nice faux cupcakes to enjoy ~ yum!

I sprayed about two cans of paint on each of these wheels...
I don't like painting wheels!

She's enjoying a day in the sunshine!

Now, I need to go get some more lotto tickets ~
so I can find some more $5.00 Craigslist items! *wink*

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Monday, April 26, 2010

May Day Flower Cones

Many years ago on May 1st ~ May Day
my grandmother and I would make paper cones, tie pretty ribbons on them
  go out in her yard and pick flowers
we'd put them in the paper cones 
then hang them on her neighbors doors!

This May Day tradition was a fun childhood memory

May Day is this Saturday ~ I'm making a few flower cones ~
This flower cone is from Hobby Lobby

I used this image from The Graphics Fairy
and Mod Podged it on the cone

The crab apple trees are in full bloom - I couldn't resist taking these pictures outside
I'm sure you can picture these hanging on a door handle!

For this flower cone I used this image ~

I made my own flower cone pattern for this one -
Martha Stewart has this how-to.

Now, I need to start working on making a May Pole!  {kidding}  ; )

Update here:  Here's my pattern I made. 
I wish I was able to make it a nice graphic for you to use! 
Click on the image to enlarge.

Fold on the lines and then use glue or tape on the flap!

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tweet Time

We've had rain here for two days, so my outdoor spray painting has been parked for a few days...
weather man says rain till Monday ;(

I moved inside for a little impromptu project

I stopped at Hobby Lobby and found these~

I painted the wood circle white and then distressed it a little and painted the clock numbers black.

Aren't these cute - hmmmm

The clock number circle is adhesive - so I just stuck it on the wood circle after the paint dried.
However, I'm not making a clock...

I have this metal cloche that needed a little something added to it ~ ~ ~
Since I'm a fan of clocks - it needed something "clock-ish" {I think I made up word here}!

Inside, I added my little Dollar Tree "tweet" that I sprayed silver a while back.

I tied the clock hands on with jute.

We've all seen these knobs at Anthro - did you know Hobby Lobby sells them too!
For a lot less than Anthro - and they also go on sale for 50% off too!

Tweet Time!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hold still while I spray paint you!

I've been busy spray painting everything in sight the past couple of days. 
I've gotten a few items done and I'd love to show you! 

 Debbiedoos inspired me to spray paint all my "objects" I have on my deck! 
Thanks Debbie
She painted a lot of her outside items and I fell in love with the transformation spray paint can make!

Here's Prince Charming~xoxo

Everything on my deck was white - or white and rusty
I've been spraying my statues and 'thingymabobs' all Krylon Ivy Green and Blue Ocean Breeze.
For now, I'm only ready to show you my Ivy Green ones!

This color Ivy Green is deceiving - I think it's a Chartreuse green!

All my plant stands, etc. I'm spraying black - you won't see the rust as easily.

I'm going to plant only pink flowers -
so I brought out a vase of pink tulips to inspire me too!

So be a Debbie and spray yourself some color!!!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome banner

We've finally been able to welcome beautiful weather ~

so I made this welcome banner to make spring feel at home and stay awhile!

[click on pictures]

I used this image from The Graphics Fairy for the letters.

For the back of the welcome banner~

Bird's and Bee's

I'll also use this when I welcome family and friends over to sit outside again!
Update here:  I left out some details! 
I printed these images out on iron-on transfers (remember to reverse the images) -
then ironed the images onto burlap. 
I sewed the banners on jute twine and clipped them on with mini clothes pins.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Silent Auction fun

Besides my 10,841 projects I have going, I took some time out to make a basket for a Breast Cancer fundraising event this coming weekend.

They have a silent auction and this basket will be part of it.

I'm loving the purple and lavender colors here!

 This is my second year making a basket for the event, which I love doing!
The event is a great time for all ~ a sea of people wearing Pink!

Yes, I got another Ferris Wheel - I think I've cornered the market here on them!
Marcie (with a ie) at The Rustic Victorian is very happy with hers!

Contents of the basket:
Ferris Wheel, garden bench, Bath & Body products,
lavender soap, compact mirror and sparkly lavender frame!

 I thought this needed butterflies riding the Ferris Wheel!

I've got my fingers crossed that this brings in big $$$ for the event!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Silhouette love~

I'm calling this ~ my silhouette phase right now.  I love them - so I'm not sure if I'm finished yet with them!

For this "phase" I used the Silhouette Family and the other graphics from The Graphic Fairy.
I layered the "family" on a handwriting graphic.

Here's mom and dad - love the pipe dad has!

These were old picture frames - that I painted a gloss black

Here's the kids!

These kids are too cute!

These aren't silhouettes, but I love how they look with the "family"

I printed these images out on vellum paper

These frames are candle holders from Dollar Tree - painted black
I removed the glass - since I have vellum paper in these - I'm using  battery tea lights

I Silhouette heart these!