Monday, March 15, 2010

Easter Patina

I'm preparing to host Easter this year with my family and here's a project I've been working on for the ~kids~ table! 

I got these galvanized items, but I thought I'd like them to look a little aged. 
 Kind of Pottery Barn-ish!

I used to do stain glass (a long time ago) and used patina to darken the solder. 
 I stopped at a stain glass store and picked this up. 
Wear gloves when you use this - it has that word POISON on the front!

Here's a side by side  ~ the patina one is on the left.

After the patina, a splattered them with a turquoise craft paint -  to add to the patina look.

These are going to be at the ~kids~ table!

I used a stencil for each of the ~kids~ first initial.

I made the little eggs and put a reduced postcard image in them. 
This postcard was sent to my Grandpa in 1911 - he had saved all the postcards he received when he was a boy.  These will be a nice sentimental memory of my Grandpa Jim!

For the centerpiece, I added an old chocolate bunny mold.  It goes well with the patina.

I hope the ~kids~ enjoy these!


  1. Marcy the kids will love it!!~ I just posted something sweet for my boys too, they loved it!!~ They just had a race with their new toy LOL!!~

  2. I love what you did! What a nice treat,and such a sweet way to honor your grandpa!