Thursday, October 29, 2009

My *pairs* are heading to the San Diego Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk!

It's these *pairs* that are heading to San Diego!In August, I had an amazing time at the cheering event my good friend ~ Denise sponsored for the 2009 Chicago Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk - well, she's taking the show on the road to the 2009 San Diego, CA Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk! Hurray for Denise and her family!

Denise has made it her goal to continue *cheering* for the 3-Day Walkers and she has a new site dedicated to raising money for the 3-Day Walk ~ The Pair Tree.

I made a big batch of *pairs* for the San Diego tree ~ Ingredients: Lot's of pantyhose, pink glitter and stuffing! Denise packed them into her Mom & Dad's RV - and they're making their way to California as I'm writing! If you're in the San Diego area November 20-22, I hope you're able to participate in *cheering* for these great walkers and be sure to look for The Pair Tree. If you're a walker in the San Diego 3-Day event - all I can say is ~ THANK YOU!!!

There's a fundraising auction on The Pair Tree you might want to get in on! It's sponsored by Wine and Jazz and the great jazz artist, Nick Colionne. You can win the entire package! A two-night stay at the Tobin James Cellars "Guest House", a signed magnum of Tobin James Cellars wine, a VIP wine tasting, a Epiphone electric guitar ~ personally signed by Nick Colionne and best of all ~ an autographed discography of Nick Colionne's smooth jazz!

To all the 3-Day Walkers - we *heart* you! *smile*

Monday, October 26, 2009

Advice from the Oz

No, not from this Oz...

This Oz....Dr. Oz!

I'm sure you're just as *freaked* out about H1N1 as I am - here's some great advice from the good Doctor Oz! I have a can a Lysol and a bottle of GermX on my desk at work - whenever someone sneezes - I'm spraying Lysol and dousing my hands with sanitizer! Not to mention washing my hands about 10 times in eight hours! I'm just short of wearing a mask...and not a Halloween one! Here's some email advice I received from a good friend!

The following advice, given by Dr. Oz, makes a lot of sense and is important for all to know:

The only portals of entry are the nostrils and mouth/throat. In a global epidemic of this nature, it's almost impossible to avoid coming into contact with H1N1 in spite of all precautions. Contact with H1N1 is not so much of a problem as proliferation is. While you are still healthy and not showing any symptoms of H1N1 infection, in order to prevent proliferation, aggravation of symptoms and development of secondary infections, some very simple steps, not fully highlighted in most official communications, can be practiced (instead of focusing on how to stock N95 or Tamiflu):

1. Frequent hand-washing (well highlighted in all official communications).

2. "Hands-off-the-face" approach. Resist all temptations to touch any part of face (unless you want to eat or bathe.)

3. *Gargle twice a day with warm salt water (use Listerine or Hydrogen Peroxide if you don't trust salt). *H1N1 takes 2-3 days after initial infection in the throat/ nasal cavity to proliferate and show characteristic symptoms. Simple gargling prevents proliferation. In a way, gargling with salt water has the same effect on a healthy individual that Tamiflu has on an infected one. Don't underestimate this simple, inexpensive and powerful preventative method.

4. Similar to 3 above, *clean your nostrils at least once every day with warm salt water, or hydrogen peroxide. *Not everybody may be good at Jala Neti or Sutra Neti (very good Yoga asanas to clean nasal cavities), but *blowing the nose softly once a day and swabbing both nostrils with cotton buds dipped in warm salt water is very effective in bringing down viral population.*

5. *Boost your natural immunity with foods that are rich in Vitamin C (Amla and other citrus fruits). *If you have to supplement with Vitamin C tablets, make sure that it also has Zinc to boost absorption.

6. *Drink as much of warm liquids (tea, coffee, etc) as you can. *Drinking warm liquids has the same effect as gargling, but in the reverse direction. They wash off proliferating viruses from the throat into the stomach where they cannot survive, proliferate or do any harm.

Enough said, stay healthy and keep those hands and nostrils clean! *wink*

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Gift from God, His Name is Parker!

Please meet our new gift from God! My beautiful step-daughter, Katie gave birth to little Parker on Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at 2:05 p.m. (8 lbs. 7oz.). Parker is doing excellent and Mom & Dad are overjoyed by their new baby boy! Grandpa and Grandmimi cannot wait to start spoiling him! Love you Parker!

A new life makes everything better! Thank you God for this blessing!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wedding Bells...will be ringing soon project!

My beautiful step-daughter, Christina is getting married on October 17, 2009 to the greatest guy, Joe! Yikes, that's two weeks from now!

I've been working on a project for the place cards at the reception...I found this idea in a issue of Romantic Homes - about six years ago. I also made one for a friend, and it was a big hit.

I found a frame at Hobby Lobby, in the 90% Clearance Aisle for a whopping ~ $6.00!

I spray painted the frame white and then I covered a foam-core poster board with fabric (her colors are the colors of fall!) and hot glued trim to hold the cards. I tucked a few cards in for now, we'll be addressing the real ones any day now! This will hold about 80 place cards, and it's a lot nicer than standing over a table trying to find your place card!

I'm going to add different fall foliage - so, I'll be heading to Hobby Lobby tomorrow!