Monday, June 28, 2010

800 little cupcakes that weren't meant to be....

I had this lamp from Ikea and thought it needed something....

800 cupcake liners to be exact...

I got the idea from the wreaths made with punched pages from books.
I wasn't up to punching - and cupcake liners popped into my head!

I got two packs of these and it wasn't enough, I had to get another pack of 100

You use one of these handy craft tools ~

place the cupcake liner on top~

fold it over the pencil {craft tool}~

about 800 times!
then hot glue, hot glue, hot glue!

I love how it looks lit ~ a nice glow ~ kinda 'jelly fish' looking!

people are drawn to it and have the urge to touch it!

it took many, many nights to complete this,
but if you have a TV in front of you
the folding and gluing goes by fast!

I'm sorry about the 800 cupcakes that weren't meant to be!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've been etching to do this...

some Faux etching...

I spotted this Fleurs vase at Ballards and thought I could do the same using
clear Contact Paper and my Cricut

{this does say 'Fleurs' you can't see the S}

Contact Paper does have an etched glass product,
however, it has a diamond pattern
 I think the clear looks more like etching

 this was a lot easier than using the etching process ~
and if I change my mind,
 I'll peel it off and put something else on!

 If you don't have a Cricut - find a friend who has one!

it's so easy to personalize something

you can hand wash these
and the Contact Paper doesn't come off

Update here!  Sorry, I thought everyone knew about the
Cricut Expression machine!  They make good Xmas or Bday presents
when you drop hints to your hubby!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Envelope Pillows

My other flea market grain sacks are now pillows

I washed and dried the grain sacks and then used the entire sack to make each pillow.
I did them envelope style - which is sooooo simple!

If you can sew two seams - one on each side - you can do it!
To stuff them, I used down pillow inserts from Ikea.

Here's a You Tube tutorial on how to make envelope pillows.

These two took 10 minutes to make!
 That includes getting my sewing machine out,
plugging it in,
pinning the sides,
and stuffing the pillows into the sacks!

Easy Peasy!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Monday, June 14, 2010

Toy Truck Plant Holder

I've been searching garage sales and thrift stores for some old toy trucks -
and coming up empty handed.

I was at Hobby Lobby on Saturday and found this replica of a toy truck in the 66% clearance aisle.

I want to use old toy trucks as plant holders!
I'm not to picky about the condition they are in
since I want to spray them all one color.

Just out of the body shop with a new coat of paint ~

 a couple of coats of Krylon Ocean Blue

the perfect parking spot now

loaded a little Dahlia to the bed of the truck

I'm still on the search for old trucks 
hoping to add more to my fleet~
a rainbow of toy trucks!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


My latest project was recovering an ottoman that was well used and very unattractive -
I don't think it ever was attractive - just functional!

I'll show you the after first!

It looks a little bit puckery in the pictures
but not in real life!

I used one of the grain sacks that I got at the flea market last weekend.

I like the "minimum weight 80 lbs"!

pigs do fly!

Here's the before - it had been in hiding for about 4 years.

I used a heavy canvas fabric - pinned it inside out
and then sewed it all together.

then I made this pleated ruffle to go on the bottom.

a lot of pinning!

and last, I top stitched the grain sack to the top.

Now, anyone who weighs at least 80 lbs can sit on this ottoman!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My White Wednesday

This is the last of our blooming trees...our Chinese Lilac

the flowers are amazing

 this tree blooms every other year

view is from a window on our second floor
I couldn't resist taking these birds eye pictures

 a picture of it the other morning in the fog

the blooms are all fading - and a lot of sweeping!

Monday, June 7, 2010

An Unexpected Stencil

Welcome to
~Paris-Liege ~

i found this box at Hobby Lobby in their 66% clearance aisle

love this ~ however, looking at the metal sign
all I thought of using it for was a stencil!

i removed it and it works great as an unexpected stencil!

i sprayed a wood plaque from Michaels

then taped it on the plaque and used stencil paint
{craft paint bleeds me!}

did a little sanding and distressing

i can't wait to try this on fabric next!