Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Time Is It?

I have clocks almost everywhere! Two times a year we're busy-bee's changing all the clocks. Some keep faster time than others, we call those the "other time-zone" clocks!

The clock outside on the deck, it has the nice temp and humidity gages - I'll know how frizzed out my hair will be ~ lately I've had Don King hair - it's reaching for the sky!

One of two in the family room.
Second one in the family room ~ on top of the entertainment center - we do have a clock on the cable box, but you need a big one to look at while being a couch potato! A few decorative clocks around ~ in case you can't see the other ones!

On my desk. My favorite time of my work day Five-to-Five!

Here's our Grandfather clock ~ when my little nieces and nephews are over, every time they hear the chimes {four times in one hour} they think it's the doorbell and run to the door! It's hysterical watching them run to the door! You'd think they would catch on!

Here's the one clock I dread every morning! The alarm clock {zzz...hit snooze} - I need something more appealing than this one! I will go shopping for a new one! I will! *wink*

I need just a few more clocks! Times a wasting!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Apothecary many is too many? Nonsense, you can never have enough! I love these glass works-of-art! I thought I would share of a few of mine.

This one, I can't bear to take the eggs out of it - I've had displayed since Easter.

This one came with the faux moss-covered rocks in it. I have it in my china cabinet. People ask “why do you have that in your cabinet” - “why not” I say! Why not!

Here's one I have shells and starfish in it – the starfish look a little scary – looks better in real life!I have this one in our guest bedroom filled with toiletries that I {swiped} acquired during hotel visits. I know our guests have been {swiping} using them - it was filled to the top! Come to think of it, whatever happened to those plush terry cloth robes I had hanging in the closet...hmmm!
These little jars are on my desk, filled with gum balls and M&M's...I know who's enjoying these...Moi! I found these at Walmart and they're {cheap} affordable! I may have to get more!

Last but not least, I have this one in our bathroom, filled with 10,000 Q-Tips! We have enough Q-Tips to last us till 2020! I do have another one filled with cotton balls, I'm sure you get the idea! I think I need another one filled with bars of soap!

I'm crazy about Apothecary jars! I know I'm not the only one who loves these either!

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Little Bird Told Me....

Where to find a bird/chicken wire candle holder ~ at TJ Maxx, of course! I saw this adorable bird candle holder earlier this Spring at TJ Maxx and knew I had to have it! I held off ~ waiting for it to be reduced. Originally it was $16.99, three days ago it was $13.00 and today it was $10.00! I saved money buying it ~ that's what I tell my husband! I'm using it to hold ceramic letter/number balls.

I love the sweet detail of this piece and I have a love of birds! They have always been good luck for me! And, I thank that little birdie who told me to go find this piece! *wink*

Speaking of birds, I found a Robin's egg on the sidewalk a few weeks ago when I was walking my dogs {furry kids} ~ I was so amazed that it hadn't broke - the little mommy must of landed on the sidewalk and it slipped out! I brought it home and have it in a safe place!

I love the color of this - it's a Tiffany Box blue. I love birds!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

HomeGoods and TJ Maxx ~ I *Heart* You!

I love going to HomeGoods and TJ Maxx - "I wish I could quit you"! Today, I found this kitchen scale! I wanted to get an old one from the flea market, but I haven't found one that was suitable - and clean enough to have on my counter! I found this one today at HomeGoods ~ $9.99 how can you pass that up!

How perfect to hold some fake lemons! I think the lemons cost more than the scale did!

I recently went to TJ Maxx and found this watering can ~ this is the best watering can ever!

We have a watering ban here and you can only water every other day, well my plants need watering everyday ~ so this comes in handy. The spout turns! No spilling when you walk with it.

This was $14.99 and worth every penny!

Here's the new vs. the old one!

Sorry old watering can, you cost me too many trips to refill and too many spills on my floor! You're going to the recycling bin!

Ah, the little things in life that bring us joy ~ a new yellow watering can!

Life is good! *wink*

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th of July ~ 2009

Happy 4th of July! Have a happy and safe holiday.

Keep Calm and Carry On ~ Bitch!!!

Now if this title doesn't catch your eye! *wink*

I made a basket for a Breast Cancer fundraiser event - I had such a great time finding all the things to put in it! I could have made several, it was so fun. I knew I wanted it to be a *pink* basket, supporting the cause. I named it "Keep Calm and Carry On ~ Bitch". My inspiration was a bottle of Bitch wine and in the picture frame I put a copy of the poster Keep Calm and Carry On. I added some Bath and Body products, ceramic white birds, a cute bottle with a crown on top, an Eiffel Tower candle holder, a tiara and pink M&M's all in a cute Diva box ~ what more could you need!

It was a great time at the fundraiser and my basket sold for $110.00. The woman who purchased it was so excited to win it in the silent auction. I'm already starting to plan my basket(s) for next year!