Sunday, February 21, 2010

A 'Latte' Fun at Pottery Barn

I've been stalking visiting Pottery Barn a few times this week and found that they had these cups reduced {on sale}.

Love these Latte cups, but not for drinking out of!  For something that says Spring!

I bought two of these cups, with the intension of putting some Paperwhite bulbs in them to bloom inside the house...I went to a local nursery store and asked if they had any bulbs.  The woman working there looked at me like I was crazy...she said "no we don' should have bought them in September"  me ~ "back in September I didn't know I would want them in February...I'll just hop in my time machine and go back to September"...crabby-nursery lady walked away!

So, I did the next best thing I could do, I put some faux Lily-of-the-Valley in them.

I couldn't find any faux Papperwhites, I think I like these better!  If only they smelled like the real ones...soon these will be popping up! *Lily-of-the-Latte*

Note to Self in September 2010:  buy some Papperwhite bulbs and not from that nursery with the crabby lady! 

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  1. Hey Marcy, this is really cute. Yeah, my lily of the valley plants actually have some buds on them today, can't wait till they are in full bloom. I too loved these mugs, but I bought two of the cappuccino mugs and love drinking out of them, but who knows after seeing the flowers "growing" a latte I may have to try to put some of my live lily of the valley flowers in them :) Thanks for a great spring idea!