Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dollar Tree Fun with $7.00

I'm like a kid again when I go into Dollar Tree!  I spent $7.00 (plus tax) and had a great time *repurposing* six of them!

Here's what I picked up - starting from the left; an ice lantern, three glass candle holders, and three hard cover books.

Here's what I did with them!

The ice lantern can also be a ice wine chiller too!  I used distilled water and some mint leaves to make this.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  I would recommend you put it in something that would contain it better ~ rather than on a platter like I have it on in the picture.  Especially if you have a candle in it.

Next ~ the glass candle holders...

These, I used Jute Webbing {again!} ~  I glued the Jute on with clear craft glue ~ hot glue might melt if the candle get's too hot.  Always use caution with lighted candles! 

I like putting coffee beans in my candle holders, it looks good especially with the Jute and it also smells so good with the candle burning!

And, last...

For the three books, I printed out images from The Graphics Fairy and Mod Podged them on the books.

Here they are all tied up with burlap ribbon!  You can decorate books for any occasion!  Thanks for stopping by!  *wink*


  1. very clever ideas....love the jute ribbon-wrapped candle holders!...Off to look around your blog!

  2. I like the candles too. Lot's of textures. I can almost smell the warm coffee beans!