Monday, February 1, 2010

Burlap Heart Wreath~

Believe it or not, I still had a Xmas wreath on my door as of two days ago!  I was in Hobby Lobby and wanted to find a Valentine's Day wreath, and decided I should make one!

Here's what was in my shopping cart and easy steps to make this wreath!

I got this *heart* grapevine wreath, it was 50% off so it was $2.50.  Sorry about the blurry picture!

I got this wire heart wreath, it was $1.99.

I got 1 yard of burlap ($2.99) and cut 4 inch circles - I used the entire yard for this project.

Fold each circle in half.

And then in half again.  I used hot glue to attach these to the wire heart.

Here it is completed.  I should of taken pictures while I was making it, but the battery on my camera went dead.  I'm sure you get the idea how to hot glue these to the wire!

Next, I attached the burlap heart to the grapevine wreath with good old twist ties!

I bought this roll of Jute Webbing at Wal-Mart (the stores that still sell fabric carry this).  It's .67/yard and this entire roll cost me $5.00.  Next, I hot glued a strip on the back of the wreath, and I'm done!

I now have a Valentine's Day wreath and if I leave it up past V. Day, I won't be embarrassed by it!


  1. Geez, what a great idea. I have some leftover burlap, and I've always been temped to buy that roll of whatever it is cause I like how it I can do something with it! Great craft!

  2. Gorgeous!! Just gorgeous!! I have seen these on several blogs and I have actually made one, but I love the depth the heart grapevine wreath. Great job! Love it!!

  3. I LOVE IT! Looks beautiful and you've inspired me to be more creative with the valentine's wreath I am planning. Thanks!