Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fairy gardening

Way, way back
I started my Fairy Garden

The old tenant moved out,
and a new Fairy moved in...
she's done a lot of remodeling!

Some new furniture and some paint to freshen things up in the garden!


She's been very busy this year...

Rearranging and redecorating
has been fun for her and for me!

Here's some pictures from a local garden store...
this is all we needed to inspire us for the updating project!

They have some amazing Fairy Gardens...along
with every accessory you could imagine!

this one is only 149.95...???

I did ask if they were hiring...
however, I only want to work in the
Fairy Garden section...unfortunately, they're not hiring!

I wanted one of each of these~

this garden is for sale...499.95 ~ yikes!

every little detail is amazing,
and so beautiful!

I stood here, in front of this bench for about
twenty minutes, admiring all the Fairy bling

love these little kissing benches~

for now, my little Fairy garden is
jam packed...however, a new garden might
appear soon!

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  1. I adore fairy gardens. The bug bit me a few years ago. I moved out of state late last fall, and haven't gotten my "pretties" out yet. But I'm thinking about where to place them!

  2. Hi Marcy,
    I'm so glad I saw this post! What a darling fairy garden you made. I love all the pink colors. They are so much fun to make and I soon as our weather warms up I'll be making some too.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Your fairy garden is beautiful and should be the "TALK OF THE TOWN" in their little kingdom! LOVE IT! "Yours has as much character as those at the garden center...Love your gazebo and gate... Thank you for sharing all your talent...
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. Hi, I just saw you while commenting on another blog and your blog title just jumped out at me (and your lovely smile as well) A town near where we live is called Haverfordwest. Is there any link between your house and this?? I so loved your roses and must get some for my garden! Also your fairy garden was lovely. Must become one of your followers!! Joan

  5. Greetings!
    This post is just a tremendously nicely structured piece. Awesome things you have here. Best of luck!

  6. Hi Marcy! It's been a long time. I lost a lot of people with my move to wordpress and I am slowly but surely finding them. LOVE your fairy garden. My Mom has one too and I fell in love with it this summer. I took photos of it and every few weeks I go back just to look at them to make me smile. Hope all is well with you.