Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do you have a Fairy Garden?

That was a question that was asked of me recently
when I was in a "antique" boutique store -
and had this metal arbor in my hands ready to purchase.

The sales woman informed me that it was
for a Fairy Garden - and did
I have one?

I replied no, but I guess I'll be getting one soon!

I made a stop at Hobby Lobby and 'adopted' a Fairy for starters~

I had this planter that was a little weathered
however, perfect for a little Fairy garden

I planted creeping thyme ground cover~

and now I have a Fairy Garden!

This was a fun garden to put together

I won't need to do much more to it ~
the Fairies will be taking over now!

I went online and did some research on
what Fairies like in their gardens~

they like mirrors and shinny objects~

they like mushrooms~

a marker for the thyme planted ~

Fairies like to have a table and chair to rest at
and some sweets and tea
after gardening all day!

they need some garden tools handy~

some moss rocks to step on~

they need just a simple little garden to make them happy ~

 -noun:  (in folklore) one of a class of supernatural beings,
generally conceived as having a diminutive human form and possessing magical powers
 with which they intervene in human affairs.

So now I'll ask you ~ ~ ~

Do you have a Fairy Garden???

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  1. No, But I want one! How adorable. It looks so enchanting all of the objects made to fairy scale.:)

  2. that looks great! i actually bought the same exact fairy and intend to create a fairy garden with my daughter- just need to find the "right" container! i love all your ideas!

  3. Very sweet, I love it! I made a fairy bed (it's on my blog) but didn't create an actual fairy garden. Yours is so cute I feel inspired now! Corinne

  4. Oh -- this is so sweet. I want to come and play. I guess I'll just have to make my own. thank you for linking to the boardwalk Bragfest!

  5. So sweet. It's just adorable.

  6. Oh Marcy You know I just love that!!~ WHIMSY is my middle name...well I think I have incorporated a lot of middle names these days. I have heard of a fairy garden, my Mom is a big gardener so she has a few herself! I need one now! Will keep my out....have a great day!

  7. You are inspiring me to create a little fairy garden of my own! This is just too precious...
    :-) Sue

  8. love how you put this together! everything is perfect, from the container to the mossy rocks, thank you for sharing!


  9. I want to shrink down, have tea in this garden and decompress! It looks very serene and relaxing. Maybe I can find a fairy masseuse to join me :-)

  10. How very cute! I was wondering if you grow Columbine in your garden. I have blue, pink and red/yellow ones. It occurred to me that they may have inspired the notion of garden fairies.
    I will be posting pics at my blog soon
    Thanks for sharing,

  11. Hi Marcy,
    No, I don't have a fairy garden, but I sure want one now! Yours is just magical, and so adorable! I especially love the chair, and dessert table & tray. Great job!

  12. Oh my stars...I want a fairy house! I have flower faries that my daughter made for me sveral years ago. I have the perfect place!

  13. That's so cute! I want to make one now!

  14. What an adorable garden! Love all the little thing syou ahve added to it. YOu should join the garden carnivals at Bloomin Tuesday and Fertilizer Friday - the links are on my blog (I am not affiliated with them - just love to see all the gardens!) Thanks for sharing - I am going to check out the rest of your blog...Paula in Idaho

  15. How great. Enjoy the whimsical! You are creative.

  16. Oh my gosh -- you had me for the first two photo's I thought it was life size. Truly lovely, fairy garden -- I made a fairy house one year looked like a large birdhouse made out of sturdy twigs and the roof was lambs ears and the floor was pussy willow, and I made twig furniture out of bent willow and a table and a tea set using nuts and flower pods and green vine fastened into handles for the tea cups and tea pot. and of course you need a little bell for the fairy's to ring. So much fun.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday,

  17. You have a lovely fairy garden now! It is really cute.

  18. I love your fairy garden! How adorable. It looks like a lot of fun and so magical!