Thursday, May 10, 2012

A little Pink lie

this is my *Pink*'s my (old) new pink bike...

I've been dropping hints to Mr. H.H.,  that I really want a pink bike...


he reminds me that I already have a bike...
...a bike that I haven't ridden in 11 years...
...a bike that has been hanging from the garage ceiling for 11 years....
 ...dusty and grimy....
So when Mr. H.H. left for work today~
 he said, get the bike out of the garage, and you can get a new bike...

This is what the blue, ugly bike looked like this a.m.
as Mr. H.H. was leaving, I said...I'll just clean it up
and start using it...{the untruth part...a.k.a...the pink lie}

My motive was to spray paint it Pink...

and now I have a pink bike!

Only, it's a yard art~
It won't budge, the chain and gears are
sprayed tight - just what I wanted!

And truthfully, it's out of the garage!

I never cared for this bike,

it was uncomfortable to ride...

and I hated the color...that's why it hung upside down for 11 years

but now,
 I really, really like it ~ just where it is ~ outside!
The basket is a thrift store find I attached to the bike handles
with zip ties, before painting it.

~ accessories for the new basket~

as Mr. H.H. was leaving for work,
and I was cleaning the crud off the bike,
he said..."I think you need new tires"...
and I said..."oh, I'll make due with these"...
I sure hope he doesn't surprise me with new tires...
unless they're attached to this beauty!
This is my kind of a Pink lie!

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  1. ooooo... you naughty thing!! Just the sort of thing I would do!! I wonder whether it's inborn in us women or whether we learn it at our mother's knee? For myself it was born out of being married to a Welsh farmer!! Love both pink bikes. I do hope that you get your new one when he stops laughing! Have a lovely day. Joan

  2. Mmmm....I like your choice for the new bike! It's awesome! The "pink bike" you painted is totally fun! Cute idea!

  3. Hi there to all
    A little Pink lie
    Great beat, I hadn't thought about it quite that way.
    Waiting for more