Sunday, May 2, 2010

Treasure hunt day!

Have you ever had a day that you had so much fun, you wish you could bottle that fun up? 

I did today ~  I went to the flea market with my friend
Denise and her two beautiful daughters,
Alix (check her blog out Shadywod Chic) and lil' cutie pie Samantha.

we shopped, ate breakfast, shopped,
ate shaved ice, shopped, ate roasted corn and shopped!

 here's some of the treasures I found ~
 a flour sifter

a mini Bride & Groom - i do, i do!

little "Bebe" shoes ~
I'm thinking some pink laces and flowers in them!

a license plate - that originally came in a cereal box ~

masher and juicer ~
i love old kitchen utencils!

my tray of treasures!

not much spent on these -
 the treasure hunt was the fun!

here's Alix - 
back side of a truck that makes Fried Cheese Curds...
a.k.a.  C.O.W.
Curds of Wisconsin! 

Denise spotted this treasure....

the orange one!

 she got it for her hubby!
she's thinking Halloween -
hubby would make a great prisoner
{of love perhaps}...ha ha ha!

D checking out the vendor's
inventory of prison garb!

Cute lil' Sammie ~
she was on a egg beater escapade! 
she found a total of eight egg beaters and gave them all a whirl!

Sammie's a vaudeville star -
she has this exact same *dummy*! 

Alix fell in love with this artist's - artwork....
I had her pose for a pic with this one that
was very prominent in this vendor's display-

Treasure hunting and
 a day filled with fun and friends!


  1. Fun day! I would love a day like that! Awesome finds too...thanks for sharing your fun day!

  2. It looks like a really fun day Marcy!
    I wanted to let you know that I'll be bragging about you on my blog tomorrow! I'll be featuring your pretty May Day flower cone on my "Brag Monday" post.


  3. I love this post! (Not just because I'm in it) but because it's such a fun thing to look back on! Next time I'm bringing my camera, what a fun way to sum up a day.

  4. It is such fun to go and look for treasures! Where did you go? I also love your 5 dollar cart! When you take photos the event will always be remembered!

  5. I would have loved a day like that, too!
    What a funny C.O.W. truck!
    The orange suit is awesome!
    What did her hubby think of that?
    Yep, looks like a day that you won't soon forget!
    Thank goodness for friends that make life a joy!
    Blessings to you today, Marci!