Thursday, May 20, 2010

My bucket list ~ a Canned Ham!

I was at Jo-Anns and found this bird house~
which is something that is on my bucket list!

I went in to buy this fabric to make pillows for outside and
found this Canned Ham Camper!

I want one of these so bad!  I want to fix it up really cute (girly)
inside and out, and then hit the open road!

These were pictures that I Googled

And then I want to join the Sisters On The Fly on their Cowgirl Caravan!!

This is from their website:


We are a group of women who challenge ourselves in all that we set our minds to do. We have no age or color. We represent no religion or political group. We welcome all women who want to share the adventures of "sisterhood".

In the summer of 1999, my sister Becky and myself (Maurrie) sat on a drift boat in Montana fly-fishing. We were happily drinking a glass of wine in celebration of catching an 8 lb. Brown Trout. Our Fly- Fishing Outfitter and Guide (, Austin, (also my son) congratulated our good job. Of course, we won't tell you which one of us caught it… It's a fish-tale you know!

From that moment on we invited friends to share in our adventures. Our “Sisterhood” has grown into almost 1,400 women. It is all about the participating in outdoor adventures with women of the same mindset.


You are encouraged to join us on one of our trips and let yourselves be spoiled rotten PLUS learn to fish, learn to be a real Western Cowgirl, run rivers, go on adventures that are just pure highway traveling fun. The best part is gathering new sisters you didn't know you had. We range in age from 88 to 21 with most in between.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Check out their website and all the great pictures! 
I'm sure you'll be adding this adventure to your bucket list too!

For now, this is my inspiration ~
hopefully soon I'll be joining the Sisters On The Fly
in my own Canned Ham!


  1. Oh just crack me up!
    I love your little find and what it represents to you. How neat to look outside and to be reminded of one of your dreams!

  2. How cute Marcy...I never saw one like that. Tomorrow is my thrifting party...hope to see you:)

  3. I like this sooo much - the birdhouse; the Cowgirl Caravan and the Sisters on the Fly! I love how it all ties together in such a fun way!

  4. I have always wanted an Airstream camper! This is such a cute project.