Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's been horribly hot here the past three days
~i'm not one to complain~
{okay, i am complaining now}
but, we haven't had spring yet
and now we have August weather...

So, i did a little retail therapy!
i stopped at TJ Maxx
and found these buckets with numbers!
Oh, how i love numbers!

these made my day finding them! 
2 ~ 4 ~ 3 ~ 5 {not sure why I had them in this order}

before the heat wave, we had rain and cold...

so i stayed in and sewed and sewed...

I made these pillows for the deck

I've made six - and need to make
about six more...
if the heat wave continues
i may make a total of sixty!

 I didn't only make pillows...

I embellished canvas sacks too~

these will impress those baggers!

Weather man says today is the last day of our heat wave!
Then i'll be outside planting flowers!


  1. Love the pillows, so colorful...cute sacks too. You are the second person I see with those tins....I would have to spray paint them:)

  2. Love the tins...may need to run to TJ Maxx!
    At first I thought they were your house number!
    Since E-911 was implemented - my house number changed
    from 231 to 12445. I'd need 5 buckets or as Debbie did 5 clay pots -
    still loving the idea!

  3. nice sacks! especially the toile/gingham....
    the pillows add a nice touch of color to your deck, just need a pitcher of lemonade to go with the heat!

  4. How fun are those pillows?! I feel you on the heat. Someone really needs to calm it down with the 90+ in late May. :)

  5. I'm back again - thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your 'why did I start blogging story' It has been so much fun - seems there's a world of talented people out there!
    Hope you have a very nice weekend,

  6. Love the tone on tone canvas bag. I could flea market in style with that on my arm. Your post reflects what a beautiful weekend it was here in the Chicago area.