Friday, May 14, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

I stopped at a garage sale for the Humane Society
and found this couple wanting to leave!

the Lady~

she has a sweet smile on her face

she's so "Marie" looking

they were all by themselves standing on a dresser
her pink dress was what caught my eye!

the Gent~

love the little trinket box he has in his hand for her!

he's almost as pretty as Marie!

Not too sure what I'll do with them,
purchasing them was for a good cause -
the Humane Society!

Today I'm joining Debbie at a her party!


  1. Oh, they're so pretty!! I'm sure you'll find someplace special for them!

  2. What a terrific find at the Humane Society Garage Sale! I would have snatched them up,too! I have a set of vintage 'Terone' pictures that have colonial couples in them. They were from my Grandmother. They would go so well together with your figurines! *smile*
    I think I will post them for next Show & Tell! Thank you for taking a stroll through my garden. I am so glad you enjoyed your time there!
    Be Blessed!

  3. Almost as pretty as Marie--is he Donnie? LOL! I love them!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! It's nice to meet you, and I enjoyed looking at your blog. The little figurines are so fun -- I believe he is what would have been called "foppish" don't you think? ☺☺☺ Enjoy them -- they are cute!


  5. Wow! These look like Dresdens are they! Gasp! I am in heaven with your find!

  6. Thanks for coming by and the nice comments. This French looking couple is great!

  7. Great find! They are a very elegant duo. Your photos are great!


  8. veevee darling! Those are fabulous Marcy!~ I could see why they had to come home with you. Thanks so much for linking up to my first party. I look forward to having it again...

  9. Those are so pretty, I love all the details they have!

  10. What a cute pair! I could see them anchoring a little French style vignette with lace, pearls, china and glass. But that's just me. Good find!

  11. What a lovely find this pair was. I love garage slaes You never knowwhat treasures are awaiting you! Ann