Monday, January 11, 2010

Mr. Wonderful

Here's Mr. Wonderful or Prisoner of Love! This one, scares my hubby! I've taken down all the Xmas decorations and I'm preparing for the next holiday (I don't celebrate Groundhogs Day!). This little project was inspired by this guy from The Graphics Fairy!

I printed him out on card stock and also used a Valentine's Day postcard image from T.G.F. - and placed him in a little bird cage! I made his wings from sheet music.

He may be a Prisoner of Love - but he has the key right above him to escape if he wants to!
Mr. Wonderful
Here's the key right above him, if he needs it!

Glitter red hearts - what more could a Prisoner of Love want!

Cherry Balls

Or, some Swedish Fish {I have a friend who's from Sweden - she corrects me - they are just called Feeessshhh where I come from!} *wink*

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