Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cocktails with Sandra or It's Five O'clock Somewhere!

I recently watched Julie & Julia and loved the movie and thought I should blog about something like that (who hasn't after watching the movie!).  I really didn't want to cook my way through a cook book, then I was watching my favorite show Semi- Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee ~ the light bulb went off!  I love how she makes a meal and also pairs it with a cocktail.  I found my muse!  I'm going to skip the meal preparations and just showcase her fabulous cocktails! 

So here goes, only one a week, not everyday, or I might be blogging from rehab!

Week 1:   Hula Girl Cocktail

The ingredients are for a punch bowl portion, so I pared it down for two {one for you and one for me!}.
I used Bacardi Dragon Berry Strawberry Rum (someone had recommended to use this in the comment section - and I couldn't agree more).  I put all the ingredients in the blender and poured for us. 
I've never been a rum fan, however this Dragon Berry rum has won me over!  This is sooooo good, try it! 

You can also make this for the kids, just remember ~ omit the alcohol!

I topped them off with the frozen strawberries. 

This Hula Girl Cocktail would be a great drink in the summer or winter or maybe that next Bunko party!  They would be even better if you were sipping them in Maui!  Enjoy & *Aloha*


  1. I loved that movie too! It made me want to Bake and blog about it! However, I have yet to find a good book, I'm trying to save money right now not burn it (or shall I say "bake" it) :P and I'm quite sure how fun of a blog that would be anyway!

    I absolutely love yours though and check in every day to see what new and exciting things you're creating!

  2. Hi Alix, Thanks for the comment! And thanks for following! You'll find something to blog about! Saving money is a good thing too...ok I'm sounding like a mom now! xoxo Marcy

  3. What a fun idea! I've tried a few of her cocktails and they're always good!