Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lamp makeover

I'm such a fan of a can of spray paint...what would I do without it!
I'm liking (ok...loving) this lamp again!

Here's how it looked before - it didn't fit my color scheme any longer
however, I didn't want to put it in the donate box...so it got a spray makeover

I sprayed it all metallic silver (except the socket and the cord)

I removed the fabric from the shade
(then sprayed it silver too)

I'm lovin' the look of shades with grosgrain ribbon tied to them
(i've discovered that husbands aren't to fond of this look)

added a little bling and the makeovers complete!


  1. Eh, what do husbands know? :) My husband hasn't been fond of a lot of things, but he says they grow on him :)

  2. Hi, what a makeover! Your new lamp is so whimsical :-) not a hint of thr old lamp in sight:-) Beautiful (my husband would forget it was even there after a day or so :-)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog:-)

  3. I love the new lamp look and the ribbons! I think my husband has stopped asking why I do certain decor makeovers.

  4. That is the cutest idea and so original on the lamp!
    Your blog is great, you have fun ideas!

  5. This is beautiful, Marcy!!
    Yeah, like Sandra said, my hubby has just stopped asking, LOL!
    I think I need to tear apart an ugly lamp shade and add it to a cool old urn-shaped lamp I found at GoodWill last week for $3!
    This is a great idea!