Thursday, August 26, 2010

Potato Sack Cork Board

Earlier this summer I found some potato sacks at the flea market -
they were too big to make into pillows so I made one into a Cork Board.


here's the potato sack when I brought it home
I love the graphics on this one

I found this canvas style cork board at Joann's
and stapled the potato sack to the back of  it.

now I can add little reminder notes!
If you don't have a potato sack -
burlap and stenciling would look great too.

These are the pins I'm using to hold notes
~they're floral pins and I added beads
and used a crimping bead on the end.


  1. What a great find - you used it so well. I really like the pins, too, nice job.

  2. Lovin' the potato sack... you're right... great graphic... and the pins are pretty!

  3. Couldn't help it..... HAD to blog about this adorable cork board:

    Here is the link....Thanks for sharing....!!!