Monday, August 2, 2010

Cuckoo time

I've always loved cuckoo clocks! 
I got one about twenty years ago,
I'm not allowed to run it here...
nobody else appreciates the cuckoo every half hour!

Yesterday, I was at the flea  market and found
a cuckoo clock...

One that doesn't work,
thats okay...
and has some pieces missing from it...thats okay

All I wanted to do to it was...
spray paint it white!

I added the wood appliques to cover
the areas missing pieces.
My silent cuckoo clock...
My family is happy for that!


  1. LOVE the white cuckoo; it looks great! Thanks for stopping by at Kane- it was fun to see you!


  2. Hi Marcy!!~ these clocks hold a special meaning to my Grandfather had one that I recall him winding every day. It looks awesome white, you did a great job! Thanks for joining in on my party, I sure appreciate it. Debbie
    P.S. I would love if you added my link, or button...thanks:)

  3. Doesn't paint make everything so much better! I love the decals you added to the sides. It makes it look so lovely! Great job.

  4. that is great! Everything looks wonderful with a coat of white paint. Only us creative thrift girls can see the beauty in so many things!!


  5. Those little figures are too cute - and the appliques you used fit the style of the clock perfectly!


  6. Oh my gosh that is so pretty. I never would have thought it would turned out so nice painted white. I paint everything white, so I should have known. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Neat idea-it's amazing what a little white paint will do!

  8. That is so lovely! A cuckoo clock after my own heart right there:)

  9. Love the white cuckoo! The transformation is amazing.... gotta love that white paint!

  10. I love it!! Great idea to paint it white! It looks fabulous!