Saturday, August 14, 2010

Glass Garden Towers

 Glass Garden Towers are the new hot item!

I saw some at the flea market and like any good crafter would say
"i can make that"

I collected some of my own glass odds and end's ~
hit the thrift stores and dollar stores 

got some E600 glue
{ I first tried a silicone adhesive - that didn't work at all}

 an old Avon perfume bottle for the top

It's been extremely hot and humid here and
the glue does not want to dry...

 glue these in steps (i did two at a time) -
or you might get a topple over (i did)

Use a bud vase for the bottom - the piece that goes onto the stake

I haven't glued the vases on these yet - I hear Monday
the humidity will break and I'm waiting till then to finish

If you didn't want to put these on a stake -
you could set them in a spot in your garden
or ~ keep them in the house ~ maybe a nice sunny window location!

It's been fun searching for the right colors and pieces
to match up ~
I hope these inspire you to make one too! 

Happy gluing!

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  1. OMGosh, these are soooo cute! I need some of those in my yard Ü

  2. Following your blog! I love garden art...I see some of these towers done in old silverplate objects. Very fun!

  3. These look so fun! Great job.


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  5. These are beautiful! Great job and now you have a great collection.... Love this idea!