Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our new gift from God~

Please meet my new granddaughter ~ Chloe Elizabeth!

Chloe arrived on Labor Day - September 6, 2010

9 lbs. 4 oz ~ yes, she's a big, healthy girl!

She's a precious bundle of pink joy!
We love her SO much!!!

It's amazing how she's changed
since these pictures.
These pictures are what they
took in the hospital ~
much better than
the ones taken
20 something years ago!

This grandma can't wait to start spoiling her...
I've already found plans to build
her a Victorian play house in
our backyard!


  1. Oh, Marcy, she is exquisite! I'm so happy for you and I LOVE her name! I know you are going to enjoy her.
    I am going to be blessed with my first granddaughter at Christmastime and I can't wait! I have three sons and four grandsons, so a little girl in the family is sure to create some excitement! Thank you for sharing Chloe with us and have a lovely day.


  2. Such a beautiful, beautiful, little girl!! I love her name. Have FUN with her!!