Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thrifty fun finds

rescued these treasures a few weeks ago,
at an antique mall when I went to visit my BFF ~  Elizabeth in Peoria, IL

these printing stamps
were in a box marked $5.00

I had to have this crimped milk glass bowl

I love this old wooden level
~ it still has the bubble

the wood and brass
is what caught my eye

they had several of these
and I'm kicking myself for
not getting more

I'm thinking of making it into a shelf -
I'll always know if its level!

Last, I found these little golf clubs at a local thrift store,
they're probably from one of those "executive desk games"

I'm thinking they would make fun drink stirrers ~
for hubby and his golfing buddies
 when they stop by here for the 19th hole!

This weekend is my favorite flea market ~
so I'm off to rescue some new treasures!

~Have a great weekend~

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