Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Instant collection

Here's my instant *old camera* collection...

and why I love thrift stores!

I've been on the search for old camera's ~
*ones that are pre-flash cube days...

I hit the jackpot thanks to my favorite thrift store!

@ the flea markets ~ old camera's go for no less than $25.00/each ~

not at the thrift stores

these were less than the price of a $5.00 foot long sandwich!

 I love taking pictures ~ and my fascination with camera's inspired
me to start a collection - on a budget
~ ~ ~
All the *worth a thousand words* these camera's must have captured

I love the look of an old camera...I just wouldn't
want to take pictures with them, thank you modern technology!

If you've ever looked into the viewer to focus on one
of these, you'll understand how difficult it was
to take pictures...thank you again modern technology!

the cute volunteer lady at the thrift store tried
talking me into a newer *old* camera...saying

...they probably don't sell the film for these anymore... thanks, no film necessary, I'll take these treasures...

and I'll be looking for more to add to my *instant* collection!

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