Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter decorating

A little Easter decorating going on here today ~

I painted some peat pots with acrylic paint

and picked the egg image from The Graphics Fairy

Mod Podged the image on and added a light sprinkling of glitter!

I've been growing winter wheat grass in baskets and pots ~ bringing some spring time inside!

If you can't find winter wheat grass seeds,
you can use cat nip seeds ~ you can find them at
pet supply stores...I've been told it's the same thing!

I'm joining The Graphics Fairy today for Brag Monday!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the painted peat pots - I'm going to raid my husband's gardening shed this afternoon!

  2. I like the giant spiked rabbit-impaler thing...(kidding) - nice work. Mod Podge! Learn something every day. Mod Podge! I want to keep saying and saying it. what a great brand name.

    talk to you later -
    Peter G.

  3. Very pretty, but where does one find the peat pots?

  4. I got these peat pots at Wal-Mart in the garden section, you can find them at any garden center.

  5. I just love these! I made some years ago and still adore them. Yours turned out so cute!