Friday, May 13, 2011

Look, no hands!

I've been busy - the weather cooperated and I was able to get
a day to spray paint!....Finally!

My finished project!  Since I love clocks so much,
I'm really loving this project.

I found this at my favorite thrift store, and I broke
my rule that I said I wouldn't ever do again...I saw this,
picked it up, put it down...and didn't buy it...and of course
I thought about it that night... I went back the next day...
 there was a sign on the thrift store door "50% off one purchase today"...

Gulp, I hope that table is still there, I thought... it was...

normally I don't have this luck ~ and 50% off...hello $10.00 table!

The clock part wasn't doing it for me, I liked the numbers...just didn't
like the "Quartz" on the bottom of the face. 

I scanned a clock face I had and printed it out on card stock,
spray adhesived it to the center of the clock face.

I have enough clocks around telling time, I didn't need
this to be a working clock...look, no hands!

Just some spray paint, no distressing

a little side table - my favorite things...clocks...and lamps!

the moral of this story is, when I picked the table up - I didn't
have my "spray paint" visionary goggles on to realize
what I could do with this, so I passed it up,
luckily it was still there...
it wasn't the price I was concerned about, it was...
at the moment, I'm not sure what I could do with it...

don't hesitate on purchasing something at a thrift store...

paint always makes it better!


  1. Hi ,, I just found you today,, I love that table,,I'm a newbie at this and I'm having a ball,

  2. Wow- $10 and a can of spray paint is a steal! The table is beautiful,

  3. That is terrific! Great vision! I love how you changed the face.. smart! For $10 you can afford to try and if you hate it you aren't out too much! You gave it a new 2nd life!

  4. Hi Marcy:

    Just sending a smile your way to say I miss you in blogland.

    Debbie Kay