Friday, July 30, 2010

Paper Roses

The Baby Shower is now history, the day was beautiful and everything turned out great!

The most talked about decoration I had were these paper roses!
I promised everyone if they would check out my blog,
I would post instructions on how to make them!

These are made with white coffee filters (not the cone type) 
I dyed them in neon pink food coloring for 10 minutes.

Then I let them sit out in the sun for about 2 hours to dry,
you could put them in the oven on a baking sheet too,
I decided to let Mother Nature do the baking for me!

Here's everything I used
(and a pair of scissors)

Now to start making them ~ fold in half

Then fold again

and then fold a third time.

 cut the top to look like a flower petal.

I used scrap booking tape to secure each filter
when I wrapped them.

the flower stems are from Michael's bridal section
I used 5 filters for each rose

Pink Paper Roses
and they're so easy to make!


  1. your flowers are beautiful, and after reading the directions, they seems easy to make!
    It must have been a great baby shower!

  2. I think I will have to try it as I keep getting lost just after using the scrapping sticky. How are they wrapped? eeek. I must be having a bad craft moment as I can't picture it.

  3. BTW.. the flowers are lovely.

  4. @Dee thanks for the comments! You just tape & wrap them around the stem! I used 5 of the filters for one flower! I hope this helps! ~Marcy