Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pink Fest!

Hi blog friends, I've been absent from blog world lately,
trust me, I haven't been lounging at the pool or anything.
 I've been getting ready for Pink Fest a.k.a. the Baby Shower!

My baby granddaughter Chloe is about to make her debut in this big world,
 they just upped her due date from September 3rd to August 30th!

I'm hosting the baby shower next Sunday -
and I've been busier than a bee!

these are rose's I made from coffee filters - I dyed them pink!

It's going to be a Girly event!

I've made a lot of these tissue flowers too...I think I'm in a paper phase now!

 I rescued the cradle from my neighbors trash several months ago...I painted it white.
No, it's not going to be used by baby Chloe - It's only a decoration for the shower!

just a sample of my decorations!

this was my Christening gown! 

I found this little baby carriage at Home Goods and I added the lace and trim!

baby shoes I found at the flea market and sprayed them pink!

I even painted a little truck pink too! 
It's holding Chloe's ultrasound picture of
her cute little feet!

I'm going to do a candy bar...
so far, this is the only pink candy I can find...
I'm on a mission to find more pink candy!
If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

So, if you can't tell - I'm tickled pink
and can't wait for baby Chloe to arrive!

For now, Think Pink!


  1. Your decorations are darling! You have such cute ideas! Love the spray painted pink shoes and truck. Have a wonderful party and congrats on your granddaughter! :)

  2. Look's like you and your pink spray paint can have been very busy! Everything looks awesome. I can't wait to see you and your 'pink palace'.