Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Time Is It?

I have clocks almost everywhere! Two times a year we're busy-bee's changing all the clocks. Some keep faster time than others, we call those the "other time-zone" clocks!

The clock outside on the deck, it has the nice temp and humidity gages - I'll know how frizzed out my hair will be ~ lately I've had Don King hair - it's reaching for the sky!

One of two in the family room.
Second one in the family room ~ on top of the entertainment center - we do have a clock on the cable box, but you need a big one to look at while being a couch potato! A few decorative clocks around ~ in case you can't see the other ones!

On my desk. My favorite time of my work day Five-to-Five!

Here's our Grandfather clock ~ when my little nieces and nephews are over, every time they hear the chimes {four times in one hour} they think it's the doorbell and run to the door! It's hysterical watching them run to the door! You'd think they would catch on!

Here's the one clock I dread every morning! The alarm clock {zzz...hit snooze} - I need something more appealing than this one! I will go shopping for a new one! I will! *wink*

I need just a few more clocks! Times a wasting!

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