Monday, July 20, 2009


Apothecary many is too many? Nonsense, you can never have enough! I love these glass works-of-art! I thought I would share of a few of mine.

This one, I can't bear to take the eggs out of it - I've had displayed since Easter.

This one came with the faux moss-covered rocks in it. I have it in my china cabinet. People ask “why do you have that in your cabinet” - “why not” I say! Why not!

Here's one I have shells and starfish in it – the starfish look a little scary – looks better in real life!I have this one in our guest bedroom filled with toiletries that I {swiped} acquired during hotel visits. I know our guests have been {swiping} using them - it was filled to the top! Come to think of it, whatever happened to those plush terry cloth robes I had hanging in the closet...hmmm!
These little jars are on my desk, filled with gum balls and M&M's...I know who's enjoying these...Moi! I found these at Walmart and they're {cheap} affordable! I may have to get more!

Last but not least, I have this one in our bathroom, filled with 10,000 Q-Tips! We have enough Q-Tips to last us till 2020! I do have another one filled with cotton balls, I'm sure you get the idea! I think I need another one filled with bars of soap!

I'm crazy about Apothecary jars! I know I'm not the only one who loves these either!

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  1. We are totally on the same page--you can never, ever have enough! :)

    Susan @