Friday, July 17, 2009

A Little Bird Told Me....

Where to find a bird/chicken wire candle holder ~ at TJ Maxx, of course! I saw this adorable bird candle holder earlier this Spring at TJ Maxx and knew I had to have it! I held off ~ waiting for it to be reduced. Originally it was $16.99, three days ago it was $13.00 and today it was $10.00! I saved money buying it ~ that's what I tell my husband! I'm using it to hold ceramic letter/number balls.

I love the sweet detail of this piece and I have a love of birds! They have always been good luck for me! And, I thank that little birdie who told me to go find this piece! *wink*

Speaking of birds, I found a Robin's egg on the sidewalk a few weeks ago when I was walking my dogs {furry kids} ~ I was so amazed that it hadn't broke - the little mommy must of landed on the sidewalk and it slipped out! I brought it home and have it in a safe place!

I love the color of this - it's a Tiffany Box blue. I love birds!

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  1. Nice restraint on waiting to buy it! I always worry it will be gone--that's my rationale. :)

    Susan @