Monday, February 6, 2012

After the flood

This is the "after" picture of our powder room...after the flood
...we had a mishap with our washing machine a few months filled up and didn't stop filling up.

Thankfully, we were home at the time it happened...
you don't know how many times I've left with the washer going (never again)

Needless to say the 20 minutes of it overflowing water (while I was browsing Pinterest
ruined our wood floors on the first floor and everything had to be ripped out. 

 this is the only "before" photo I have...

At first we were going to keep the bathroom as it was...
same vanity, same wall color
however, I had this vanity on my wish list ~
if we ever redid the powder room.

So, after a few mouse clicks
there was something to
cross off my wish list!
It's from Home Depot (Home Decorators)

We're very happy with how fast it arrived
and the's a little scary
looking at a picture and making a decision without seeing it in person!

the room "before" was done
in a golf theme,
so I had fun picking out
little gems to add to the
new jewel box room!
I love bling!

the light fixture, towel bar & switch plates
all got spray painted with
oil rubbed bronze paint,

the mirror was your standard ugly-
big mirror, so we framed it
with molding

New floors, new powder room and a new washer and dryer.
Oh, and a new lesson learned...never leave an appliance unattended!

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  1. After these, I think you’ll need to spend some money on waterproofing your floor. The hardwood looks great, so I think you should keep that look. The floor is the part which gets the most beating during flood. And you’d be able to keep its integrity through waterproofing. -->Darryl Mikula