Friday, December 3, 2010

White December

I cannot believe it's December already!

i've only managed to do a little holiday decorating so far,
Simple and White is my theme

i found this lil' sled at the flea market and painted it white ~
i'm using stencils for decorations ~ backed with pages from
a Dollar Tree novel!

i got this 4ft white tree and now regret not just getting a taller one

i do decorate another tree in our family room ~
that will be the one Santa delivers too!

all decorated with the stencil ornaments, some others I made and
the rest are from Dollar Tree.

some shredded book pages - stuck in the trumpet!

i am in love with white tree's

Crown on top

a little white truck delivering some white Xmas trees!

my stairway is simple this year too ~ it's a clock face theme ~
Christmas Time!
i found some images from here and here
and did a Google search for the rest

a few small watch faces added in

i love clocks!

 i had to make sure to leave some space at the bottom
so my little furry kids can rest during the day!

Brighton and Conan
the only time they care about is feeding time!


  1. That is fantastic. All of it! Very creative indeed. Where did you get the watch faces? I love them...and what cute little fur babies you have. Happy Holidays to you!

  2. So pretty. I love white trees! And that white truck is such a cute addition!

  3. Love your adorable white tree, you are so clever. All your white touches are perfect.

  4. How pretty it all is! Love your white tree & the clock faces are very unique too. Cute puppy dogs!

  5. Im loving that truck with the little trees in it!

  6. LOVE the white! I did a white tree this year and am SO HAPPY with it! Clock garland is FAB!

  7. Hello!
    Your sled & skates are so cute as part of you winter display! I am going to dig out the old wooden baby sled from the attic & display it proudly.
    Check me out at

  8. I love, love, LOVE your white tree! Perfectly unique. I'm definitely going to remember this for next year's decorating!

  9. OOoh i love this!! So beautiful! I love white trees too. Have a Merry Christmas!

  10. How beautiful! I like the peaceful look of all white.

  11. the tree is amazing! and the staircase is stunning!

    genius! genius! love it all!

  12. Your furbabies are adorable! Love all your white decorations too! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  13. I love your decor. Really love the clock garland and the white truck and trees. It's all so fresh looking.

  14. Love your gorgeous tree and all your Christmas decorating! ~Deb~

  15. your christmas decorations are beautiful.. very unique.

  16. Love your white tree! I have one, too and I love it! Your clock garland is wonderful!