Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fun to wake up to...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday
...doesn't it go by way too fast???

this is what i woke up to on Xmas morn...

my drunken Paperwhites bloomed!

i watered them with a mixture of water and a splash of Vodka...
and they are tiny ~ the tallest bloom is 7 inches...
kind of scary to think that Vodka stunts their height
guess that's why ~ only fully grown adults should drink it!

here's something else i woke up to on Xmas morn...

my handsome hubby surprised me with these clock plates from Pottery Barn!

a few hints were dropped...
cuz i really don't need another bathrobe and fuzzy slippers!

I hope you woke up to wonderful surprises too on Xmas morn!!!

~ ~ ~

on my Random 100th post for 2010
 i made the comment...some of my closest peeps do not read my blog

well, i got served some legal papers...and hit with a stiff penalty...i'm happy Susan
reads my blog...and more than happy to pay up!

1 comment:

  1. I'm granting the 1.5 liter wine bottle to both the plaintiff and defendent! LOL Cute... Love the clock plates... what a smart husband you have!
    I am waiting for my paperwhites to bloom any day now!
    Cheers to a great New Year!