Sunday, June 14, 2009

A week of Vacation and Island Sand ~ well sort of!

I took a week off of work to ~paint~ however, first, I needed to remove an endless border that was glued on with super~duper tornado, hurricane proof glue – thank you former owners!

The reason I wanted to paint was, I've always wanted to put my “holes” in our walls and hang things where I want them to go and not in the previous owners “holes of choice”. I spent three days removing the border – sanding, washing walls and then painted with Ralph Lauren ~ Island Sand ~ what an appropriate color for someone who should be enjoying some island sand, and not painting it on her walls!

What inspired me to paint was this wall hanging I found at Pier One. I saw it a few months ago in the store. It was one of those things that stuck in my mind when I saw it and I knew I had to hang it somewhere!

What an easy thing, paint my hallway and I'll hang it – so simple! I went to my local Pier One and the sales woman saw me looking at it ~ she said, “you know, that was in an episode of Grey's Anatomy” ~ that didn't do anything for me, I've never watched the show...I then said, “is it heavy?” and she said “no, not at all” ~ ”Sold” I said!

I brought it home – and wanted to take a picture of it in the box, of course little Conan {furry kid} had to get in the picture! I then painted and painted!

Here's how it looks on the wall!!!

Sorry!!! I couldn't resist adding a picture of HGTV's cutest hunk!!! Carter Can!!! Oh, yes he can! *wink*

Here it is on the wall, and I made my own holes in the wall!!!

I love it, and it was worth all the pain and PTO I sacrificed for it!

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  1. ooooh! love it! :)

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