Thursday, June 4, 2009

Say Yes to Vinyl ~ Say No to Wallpaper!

I've spent that past 3 days removing endless yards of wallpaper border from our house. The previous owners loved wallpaper and borders...every room has it...I've been slowly removing their passion. They glued everything down with super-duper hurricane, tornado, cyclone proof glue. I have been scrubbing and cursing. All I can say is, I hate wallpaper and borders...never in my life will I ever put either up!

What I do like, is the new vinyl wall art. I've found them at Joann's, Hobby Lobby, and here's a site I found online called Vinyl Attraction. You can even customize your order too! They are so easy to put up, and if you want to take it down, it takes seconds! You can find these almost anywhere and you'll enjoy the results!

I put the saying Bon Appetit in the kitchen and then going down the stairs to the basement I put this cute chandelier. I hope nobody trips going down the stairs looking at it!

They have endless phrases and designs to choose from. So please, do someone/yourself a favor, don't do wallpaper/borders! Say yes to vinyl! *wink*


  1. love the look of your blog we started just a few days apart and seem to share some intrest. Love me a flea market! The flower bed is adorable. You show me that I need a lot of work on my blog. did u do it all yourself?

  2. Joy, I am so new at this, baby steps! Thanks for following!