Monday, March 7, 2011

Piano rolls

Recently, I came across a bunch of old player piano rolls...
and since I don't have a player piano, I needed to do something with them!

these are fragile and tear easy...

I folded them in sections and made a wreath ~

I'm such a clock fan, so I used two clock images from The Graphics Fairy.

loving all the perforations that once made music

Player piano rolls...a different type of sheet music!

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  1. What a great idea! I have a bunch of these and never really knew what to do with them!! They are so pretty.
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Really great idea! I just love how it turned out. That took some vision!

  3. Visiting from The Graphics Fairy. These are AMAZING!


  4. Wow, this is SO, SO cool!! I've seen the rolled sheet music wreaths, but never one like this. Love the clock faces you added, too.
    visiting from the Graphics Fairy. TFS!

  5. That is very cool. I see piano rolls all the time when I'm out at antique stores, but never knew what to do with them besides sit them around the house. This is a great idea. Love the clock faces in the middle.

  6. Great idea and so creative of you. I have about a dozen of these! I've happily just become a follower and hope you will stop by for a visit!

  7. What a phenomenal idea! I love it and that you were thinking outside the box to use what you had.

    Happy WW,

  8. A lovely fresh spin on these types of wreaths. Now there will not be any piano rolls left at the weekend fleas LOL


  9. Love how the light shines through these! Just bought a huge box of rolls for 25 cents each. Great idea!

  10. OH MY GOODNESS......this is super inspiring. Was looking for project ideas to use music sheet paper and rolls and this is over the top fabulous....i love it, love it!! Going to do this for my daughter's 2nd Bday party....theme is "Sweet Music".....Yeah!!